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Samsung Plasma Television - Choosing a Samsung Plasma Television - Who is Samsung?, How do Samsung Plasma Televisions Work?

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Although there are new flat-screen technologies in the works, such as LED and DLP, the two most popular types are the LED and plasma. People have different reasons for buying LED and plasma televisions, neither is a clear choice above the other. They have advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation, setting, and personal preference. One of the leading manufacturers of plasma televisions is Samsung.

Who is Samsung?

Samsung is a world leader in the development and manufacturer of technological devices and appliances. The company began over 70 years ago in Korea as an exporting company, but now operates worldwide. In the 1970s through the 1980s, the company diversified into petrochemicals. It was in the 1990s when the company began to focus on quality technological products. In the 2000s, Samsung has held the leading market share on 13 of its products, including monitors, cell phones, and semiconductors. In 2009, the company released the thinnest television to date (6.5 mm) at the Consumer Electronics Show.

How do Samsung Plasma Televisions Work?

Samsung plasma televisions use a combination of neon and xenon gases trapped between two electrodes behind a screen of phosphors in a grid of tiny dots known as pixels. The gases constitute a material called plasma made up of electrons and ions flowing free throughout the containment between the electrodes. When controlled amounts of electricity are run through the electrodes, the atoms and ions become aligned and emit light photons. These photons, in turn, interact with the phosphors in the screen to produce one of three colors: green, red, and blue. Every color perceived by the human eye is a combination of these three colors, and each pixel combines to create a larger image.

A Samsung plasma television is relatively bright compared to other types of TVs. The plasma display, not including the case, is only about 2.5 inches thick, but can be up to 63 inches diagonal. They consume from 300 to 700 Watts depending on their size and how they are used.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Plasma Televisions

People choose Samsung plasma televisions over other types of televisions for one or more reasons. Some of the advantages include the following:

• Flat screen and thin design
• Can use a stand or be wall-mounted
• Weigh less than older projection televisions
• Accurate and brilliant colors
• High contrast ratios
• Wide viewing angles
• High refresh rates, creating smoothly flowing images

These are the disadvantages of plasma TVs:

• Colors fade over time
• Available only in sizes of 42” and above
• Susceptible to glare
• Heavier than LCD TVs
• Use more wattage than LCDs

Samsung Plasma Television Models

Samsung plasma televisions come in 23 different models in five different series. Each series is designated a single digit number.

Series 4 – Series 4 plasma TVs deliver high quality pictures in an energy-saving design. They are available in both 42” and 50” sizes.
• Features 600 Hz Subfield Motion
• 2 – 3 HDMI ports

Series 5 – Series 5 achieves higher-quality, enriched pictures over Series 4. Internet connections can greatly enhance the experience with Internet TV Widgets. Sizes are 50”, 58”, and 63”.
• 600 Hz Subfield Motion
SRS TruSurround HD
• 3 – 4 HDMI ports

Series 6 – Series 6 has many of the same features of Series 5, but they are considered premium models. Screen sizes include 50” and 58”.
• 600 Hz Subfield Motion
SRS TruSurround Motion
• BD Wise Technology
• Includes Samsung Apps

Series 7 – Series 7 plasma televisions from Samsung feature the latest developments in technology, including 3D capability. Screen sizes available are 50”, 58”, and 63”.
• 600 Hz Subfield Motion
SRS TruSurround HD
• BD Wise
• Samsung Apps
• 3D-capable

Series 8 – Series 8 improves on Series 7 technology by putting it into an ultra-thin design. Series 8 models come in 50”, 58”, and 63” sizes.
• 600 Hz Subfield Motion
SRS TruSurround HD
• BD Wise
• Samsung Apps
• 3D-capable
• Real Black Filter

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