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Full Duvet Cover - Buying a Full Duvet Cover - Choosing a Full Duvet Cover

covers cotton bedding duvets

While many people are satisfied with a regular comforter made with a decorative exterior and poly-fill interior, others prefer to sleep with a down duvet. A duvet is a type of thick blanket or comforter consisting of a soft exterior material, such as cotton or cotton blends, and is stuffed with down or feathers to provide both warmth and softness. Some modern duvets, however, have begun to be filled with alternative and less allergenic materials, such as silk, cotton, wool, or numerous types of artificial fibers.

Usually, with a duvet, top sheets, quilts, and other forms of blankets and bedding are not used. The only other form of bedding that most people like with their duvet is a full duvet cover. For this reason, many duvets are made without a design. The exterior material is usually a single, solid character, most often white. Some designer duvets use the company logo printed on the duvet. The design from the duvet is imposed on it from the king or full duvet cover.

Full duvet covers, sometimes simply called comforter covers, can be an essential part of a full bedding set. Duvet covers perform another important function other than providing a pleasing pattern or design. Full duvet covers are used as protection for the duvet. Because duvets are so bulky, and usually made of down, they are difficult to wash. Duvet covers protect the duvet from dust, dirt, sweat, and spills. In addition, some people use a duvet cover alone, without the duvet, during the hot summer months when a duvet is too heavy.

Choosing a Full Duvet Cover

Duvet covers come in three sizes: twin, full, and king. The most popular size is the full size because it is large enough to be used for both full and queen-size mattresses. Full duvet covers come in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, flannel, silk, rayon, polyester, and velvet. The most popular full duvet covers are those made of all-natural fibers, with the leading choice going to cotton. The choice of fabrics will affect how the duvet cover can be cleaned. Most can be machine-washed, but some fabrics have to be professionally cleaned.

When choosing a duvet cover, it is important to consider the other bedding or bedroom surroundings in order to create a matching atmosphere. The bottom sheet, pillowcases, and throw pillows that go with the bedding will all play a role. Another consideration in buying a full duvet cover is how thick a duvet it will accept. Some duvets fit very loosely in some full duvet covers. It is possible to find duvet clips in cases where a duvet is extremely loose-fitting inside the cover. The clips go on the corners of the duvet and clip onto the inside corners of the duvet cover.

Budget can also be a factor in choosing a duvet cover. Duvet covers can range in price from $20 to several hundred. Price depends on fabric, design, company, and the store where they are purchased. Great deals for duvet covers can be found at discount retailers, and there are also several specialty online stores selling discount duvet covers.

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over 5 years ago

I purchased the Handy Accents Clips and they did not work for me at all. Furthermore, the seller does not send refunds for returns, only replaces defective clips. If they do not work for you, like they didn’t work for me, you will be out the $$$…not a pleasant place to be.


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almost 7 years ago

As mentioned, it is often necessary to use duvet clips to keep the duvet from shifting and bunching up inside the duvet cover. There are a variety of clips on the market with most attaching to the interior corners. Handy Accents Duvet Clips is an online marketplace that offers clips that are decorative as well as functional and attach to the outside corners which adds a bit of embellishment to the bedding. These duvet clips come in an array of colors and designs and can be seen at the following link.