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Glow Sticks Wholesale - Finding Glow Sticks on the Wholesale Market - What Kind of Glow Stick?, How to Look for Wholesale Glow Sticks

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If you’re looking for wholesale glow sticks, this guide can teach you how to find the best manufacturers that will meet your needs for both quality and price. (Tip: You can apply many of these principles to finding wholesale products from other categories as well.)

What Kind of Glow Stick?

The first thing to consider is what kind of glow stick you’re looking for. Primary uses are usually either party/entertainment purposes or safety. Entertainment glow sticks will come in all different colors, shapes, and varieties, so you can expect to find a huge range of products. However, safety glow sticks are more standard-issue with a focus on durability and length of life. Depending on your needs, choose one of these categories to narrow down your search.

How to Look for Wholesale Glow Sticks

One quick trip to Google will yield dozens of stores that sell glow sticks. Modify your search with the word “safety” if you are looking for glow sticks in that category. But the default assumed category for glow sticks is usually entertainment, so a search for a term like “wholesale glow sticks” will return mostly entertainment-related glow stick sites. But then comes the important question as you check out these sites: are they truly wholesale dealers?

Is it Really Wholesale?

Because these internet sites deal directly with public consumers, by default they don’t fit the true definition of “wholesaler”. Wholesalers will usually sell only to retailers, who then sell to the public itself. To do business with a true wholesaler (or even better, the manufacturer), you will usually need to submit some kind of proof of business identity and set up a line of credit with the wholesaler. Negotiating shipping terms is also much different than typical retail sites. Wholesalers and manufacturers sell only in very large quantities.

With that said, there are many businesses that specialize in selling “bulk” lots to the public. Even though they are not wholesalers in the truest sense of the word, they have blurred the line between wholesalers and retailers, and they can offer significant discounts that are almost comparable to a real wholesaler’s. Sites like GlowGranny and Northern Light Sticks offer discounts like these.

So if you are looking for a true wholesaler or manufacturer, you will need to do some extra footwork to track them down and get an account set up. Use the “sourcing manufacturers” section below for tips on finding them. But if you are content with a bulk glow stick provider, many internet stores can get you what you need. Just look at the size of the cases, minimum orders, and percentage discounts for multiple-case/big orders to find a bulk dealer who can meet your specific needs. If the dealer you’re looking at offers only single-item orders with no bulk discounts, they are clearly not who you’re looking for.

Sourcing Manufacturers

First, check an online directory of manufacturers like ThomasNet to search for glow stick manufacturers. Many times you can search for manufacturers of related products, too, who will either know contact information for your target product’s manufacturer or actually manufacture the product themselves. In the case of glow sticks, try party supply or safety product manufacturers. If the manufacturer is proving tricky to track down, another strategy is to simply order a product from a glow stick company, and then Google the return address when the package arrives to locate the manufacturer. Many retailers use drop-shipping services to distribute their products directly from the warehouse, and that’s how this strategy works. It’s a relatively low-cost way to find the real product manufacturer.

That’s it for this guide on finding glow sticks for wholesale prices. Use these tips to find wholesale or bulk pricing for glow sticks, and apply the principles to find many other products as well. Happy hunting!

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