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Dayton Homes For Sale - Dayton Homes for Sale: What to Know Before You Go - Outlook on Dayton, Dayton Statistics, Dayton Neighborhoods

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Looking for Dayton homes for sale, but aren’t quite sure where to begin? Then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re transferring here for work or just need a change of pace, we’ll help you get an idea of what you’re in for! We’ll go over Dayton’s atmosphere, vital statistics, and some main neighborhoods to help you pick the perfect place for your next home.

Nicknamed “the Birthplace of Aviation” because of the Wright brothers’ famous feat, Dayton today has grown into a large city at the Crossroads of America. You can find all the ups and downs of a typical big city in Dayton, so if you’ve never lived in the city before, you’re probably in for a big change! However, Dayton does offer a sense of Midwestern charm that is comforting to many visitors and residents. You can find many historical and cultural sites here that could pique your interest, as well as many beautiful nature parks. And because it is a college town, there is always a vibrant, youthful feeling to the city’s center. (Of course, depending on where you live, that could also mean noisy nights when school is in session! This is why it always pays to know your area before you go.)

Firstly, prospective home buyers should check out The City of Dayton’s website for valuable information on the city of your new home, including property taxes, waste collection, and even available jobs.

Dayton Statistics

One issue that seems to be inescapable with big cities is higher crime rates, and Dayton is no exception to this. Property crime clocks in at 7.39% of population affected, which is about 2% higher than Montgomery County’s average, and 3.5% higher than Ohio’s as a whole. Violent crime follows a similar curve, with Dayton’s rates at 1.08% as opposed to 0.63% and 0.35% for county and state, respectively.

The value of owner-occupied housing is about $67,000, quite a bit less than the state average of $107,000. This is good news for college students, young families and bargain hunters. The average annual family income is $35,000.

Dayton is home to the University of Dayton, Sinclair Community College, International College of Broadcasting, and many other advanced educational institutions.

Dayton Neighborhoods

Here is a quick look at some Dayton neighborhoods, organized by what they can offer you as a home buyer.

The Culture Scene
To get the most out of Dayton’s cultural scene, you must be as close to downtown as possible. With the University of Dayton, the city library, the Dayton Art Institute, the International Peace Museum, and tons of local restaurants and shops, downtown historic Dayton boasts the most interesting features for any culture-junkie.

Roads Less Traveled
For a bit more in the way of privacy, try the area of southwest Dayton around Possum Creek Metro Park. There you are surrounded by nature (in varying forms), such as the Highview Hills Playground and Blairwood Park. Houses are fewer and farther between, and some of them go for as low as $50k!

South of Dayton lies a suburb called Kettering, which has been voted among the best places in the nation to raise a family by BusinessWeek. They site a strong economic and business environment, good schools, and a large amount of leisure activities for all ages. You can find major malls, great parks, and more in this area, and the average home starts around $100k. If you’ve got a new family, this could be a great place for you and yours.

That’s it for this quick guide to Dayton homes for sale: knowing before you go. We hope your new home will be everything you imagined and more!

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