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Eden Prairie Homes - Quick and Easy Guide to Eden Prairie Homes - Outlook on Eden Prairie, Eden Prairie Statistics, Eden Prairie Neighborhoods

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Home to stunning lake scenery, unique shopping, and fine dining, the city of Eden Prairie, Minnesota is a great place to buy a house. By locals, it has been treasured as a great place to work and raise a family for years. This fact recently made national consciousness when MONEY Magazine voted Eden Prairie #1 on the “Best Places to Live in America” list, citing a dynamite economy, low unemployment, and very family-friendly environment. Check out the MONEY Magazine article here for more details.

Eden Prairie has something to offer every interest. Whether you love the outdoors or would rather spend the day at the mall, rest assured you’ll have plenty to do. Over 2,000 acres of beautiful park land and 170 multi-use trails beckon hikers, bikers, and fishermen out to explore beautiful lakes and streams. Large shopping centers and plenty of unique boutiques call to the shoppers in your home, and everyone can enjoy the delicious variety of restaurants.

If you’re planning a move to Eden Prairie, first check out The City of Eden Prairie’s website for valuable information on the city of your new home, including property taxes, local government information, jobs and other details. Also have a look at some key statistics on Eden Prairie and neighborhood information below.

Eden Prairie Statistics

The median value of single-family homes in Eden Prairie is $305,242. The median household income is $78,328, a far cry from the state average of $47,111. It’s a relatively new city, with the vast majority of its houses built between 1980 and 1989.

Eden Prairie’s 2.03% property crime rate is lower than Minnesota’s state average of 3.08%. It’s even more striking when compared to the rest of Hennepin County, which has a rate of 4.1%. (Hennepin County also houses Minneapolis). This low crime rate is another reason that Eden Prairie has been dubbed such a family-friendly, safe place to live.

Eden Prairie Neighborhoods

Here is a quick look at some Eden Prairie neighborhoods, organized by what they can offer you as a home buyer.

With so many different lakes in Eden Prairie, this is almost a rhetorical category. No matter where you move to, there will likely be a lake within walking distance! However, it can be handy to know what the home prices are around different lakes, so here are a few of the biggest.

Staring Lake: This is a big, beautiful lake north of Flying Cloud Airport. West of the lake, you can find plenty of houses in the mid-to-high $100k range. North of the lake, however, is reserved for $500k homes and up!

Mitchell Lake: Located in western Eden Prairie, Mitchell lake offers mid-ranged properties with some great nature views. Most homes here start from the $400k range, going up as you get closer to the lake itself.

Bryant Lake: With the unspoiled scenery of Bryant Lake Regional Park all along one side, properties on the other side have become some of the most exclusive (and expensive!) houses in the area. Don’t be surprised to find sale prices in the multi-million dollar range here, and if you find something lakeside that’s cheaper than that, you’re probably getting a great deal!

Be Where the Action Is
You can find many reasonably priced homes nestled right between Eden Prairie Center and the Anderson Lakes Preserve, which will give you a great balance between central city life and all things nature. Look for homes in subdivisions off of Rolling Hills Road for some great locations priced around $200k. From here, you’re close to all the great restaurants and shopping that Eden Prairie has to offer.

Find a Little More Privacy
Southwest of the Flying Cloud Airport along Grass Lake, you can find reasonably-priced homes that offer a bit more in the way of privacy and tranquility. (Don’t get too close to the airport, of course, or you’ll lose the tranquility part!) Check all around these wooded byways to find a hidden gem that’s perfect for you.

That’s it for this quick guide to Eden Prairie homes. Best of luck in finding the home of your dreams!

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