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Flannel Lined Pants - Flannel Lined Pants: Surprisingly Stylish Cold-weather Gear - Hunting, Hiking/Camping, Law Enforcement, Working Outdoors, Where to Get Them

warm durable wear professional

Your average office Joe might not realize it, but flannel-lined pants are an excellent choice for durable cold-weather protection in a variety of fields. Here’s why they are the popular choice among so many workmen and outdoor aficionados.


For hunting in cool to cold weather, flannel-lined pants can provide the warmth that you need while you remain motionless in the woods. Because hunters have to stay still and quiet for long periods of time, it can make the cold feel especially biting, so warm gear is essential. That’s why many hunters utilize flannel lined camo pants when they hit the forest.


Particularly in cooler weather, hikers and campers need something that can breathe well while they’re on the move, yet retain heat when they’re camping out or resting. This can be a tricky line to walk, but flannel lined pants can do the trick. And best of all, they also cover the camper’s other big need: durability. Sturdily constructed flannel-lined jeans can stand up to anything the mountains or trails can throw at them, so they are a great choice.

Law Enforcement

Many people don’t realize it, but many of our law enforcing professionals on the federal, state, and local levels live by flannel-lined pants during the cold season. In fact, many companies custom-design sturdy tactical flannel-lined pants that look just as sharp as their usual uniforms. Nobody can tell the secret that keeps the officers warm and well-functioning. Most people would have never equated flannel pants with the word “stylish”, but it is totally possible!

Working Outdoors

Companies for the working professional like Carhartt have long been producing super-durable flannel lined pants that last for years in the most abusive environments, all while keeping the user warm and toasty throughout. Many of their pants are designed with other accessories for the working person such as additional pockets, hammer hooks, etc. If your job keeps you outdoors in rough conditions all year round, get a pair of pants like these that are up to the job.

Where to Get Them

If you are looking for some flannel-lined pants of your own for outdoor, sporting, or work use, then you can find many great options right on the internet. Here are some of the most trusted sites, organized by use:

Carhartt: Working Wear
This long-time trusted provider of sturdy, durable work wear has plenty of selections of flannel lined pants, shirts, and jackets to keep you warm and toasty throughout the winter. Their work pants get rave reviews online and inspire great loyalty in their customers.

Cabelas: Outdoors
If you’re looking for a pair of flannel-lined pants for your next hunting, camping, or hiking trip, look no further than Cabelas. They stock pants that are especially made to hold up to the trail while giving you the comfort you need to perform at your peak.

CopQuest: Law Enforcement/Professional
CopQuest.com offers tactical wear in black or khaki that is especially designed for law enforcement officials, featuring slash pockets, self-adjusting waistband, a handy D-ring, and extra durable construction. If you need to look professional in the cold outdoors, this is a great way to go.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to flannel-lined pants. With cold-weather gear like this, it’s not even just an issue of comfort – when you’re out on the trail or in the mountains, it can turn into a matter of safety, too. When keeping warm is critical, don’t leave it up to chance!

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