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Internet Service Provider Hosting - Internet Service Provider Hosting Not Best Investment

web space isps hosts

In order to have a website, the would-be website owner requires a web host. A web host is any entity that provides space on a server and an allotment of bandwidth. While many companies specialize in web hosting specifically, internet service providers (ISPs) are often able to provide web hosting through the equipment they already own. These prices, however, are not competitive when compared to other web hosting services.

As mentioned, web hosting requires server space and bandwidth. ISPs are essentially bandwidth merchants, buying large amounts of bandwidth and then selling them piecemeal to their clients. Additionally, these ISPs maintain servers—dedicated computers that store information and react to user commands. Internet service provider hosting thus utilizes equipment which an ISP needs to fulfill its main purpose, making it an efficient option on their part.

Few ISPs, however, are committed to making competitive web hosting. Rather, they assign it a price because it costs them very little to offer and because some users assume that only an ISP can provide web hosting. By limiting the number of features and setting the price higher than other hosts, ISPs dissuade clients from choosing their service—after all, their business is in bandwidth, not server space.

The difference in price and features is massive. Internet service provider hosting usually costs around $25 per month, with 100 megabytes of web space and 10 e-mail accounts (CTI-Tech). Compare this to the starter package at Network Solutions, which offers 300 gigabytes of web space and 1000 e-mails for $12 or less per month. GoDaddy offers a more modest 10 gigabytes of space and 100 e-mail accounts for a mere $2 a month.

A number of free web hosts will provide web space at no charge whatsoever. Specialized web hosts ranging in scope from blogging to e-commerce to pornography allow users to share an allotment of web space and internet traffic to defer costs and generate revenue through advertising or other business models. For those willing to tolerate a bit of ad space, these sites provide an inexpensive route toward developing a simple web presence.

In most cases, internet service provider hosting is a bad investment, the online equivalent of buying expensive milk at a gas station because you can not find the grocery store. Most ISPs do not put forth a great amount of effort to provide web hosting, only providing it because they have the materials to do so and a fair number of customers who assume that an ISP is their only option. Yet, those wanting to see their site online have many options beyond internet service provider hosting, from robust web hosts that can give more web space for the money to free web hosts that provide similar perks to those offered by ISPs.

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