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Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad - High Value with Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pads

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A heated mattress pad is a surprisingly efficient energy saver, providing personalized heat for about four cents per night. Higher quality mattress pads result in higher efficiency, lowering the costs of nightly usage even further. Sitting tall among such high quality offerings are Sunbeam heated mattress pads.

In addition to a selection of heated blankets and comforters, Sunbeam heated mattress pads are priced and marketed with value in mind, costing about twice as much as a non-heated mattress pad in exchange for a promise of lowered winter heating bills. The basic twin-sized model starts at $75, a product which Sunbeam assures can lower winter heating costs as much as $131. Though that estimate may be a little optimistic, the logic behind the claim is valid: precision heating a single bed is often far more efficient than heating an entire house.

The standard pad is 100% polyester, making them durable enough for years of use. This durability is further backed by a five year limited warranty—so long as a user does not pour coffee on their bed, Sunbeam promises to replace any faulty pads. The mattresses are washing machine safe, a common concern for owners of heated fabric. Queen and king standard models also feature the EasySet Pro, a two-user control that lets two sleepers fine-tune their heating desires.

From this base model, other perks can be had through other products. For about twenty more dollars, Sunbeam offers a cloth-topped, water-resistant model. Advertised with a vivid image of a tipped-over bottle of sugar drink and well-received by consumers, this modest upgrade is of particular value to pad purchasers with young or young-at-heart family members.

One very affordable upgrade is the premium model, which begins at $80. This type of Sunbeam mattress pad features a 100% cotton top, preheating controls, and scheduled heating periods along with all the features of the basic version. This model sports the same features as the basic grade with a few unnecessary but pleasant innovations.

A therapeutic line of mattress pads offers precision heat targeting, allowing users to heat specific parts of the body for heat therapy. This line is controlled by a wireless remote and can function simultaneously for two sleepers in the case of queen and king lines. These fluctuations in temperature take a toll on the pad’s durability, however; the warranty for this line stops at three years instead of five.

Though these mattresses are durable, they do degrade with time, using their electricity less efficiently and making them less likely to live up to their warranty. To that end, they are often purchased in bulk and then sold at substantial discounts—sometimes 50% the usual cost.

Overall, Sunbeam heated mattress pads are a popular response to consumer demand for efficient heating alternatives. A good mid-range option in terms of affordability, Sunbeam pads provide durability and efficiency without going overboard on frills. Washer-safe with a five-year warranty, they are practical products which put up with the wear and tear of everyday use.

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