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Spanish English Dictionary Online - Comparing an Online Translator with a Spanish-English Dictionary Online

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Today’s world of computer literacy and internet technology has done more to bring the world together in the last twenty years than anything has done in all the years of history before. When contact with other countries and other cultures first came to our fingertips, the world became acutely aware of language barriers. In order to overcome the obstacles of languages, automatic online translators were born.

In the United States, the language barrier that affects the most people is that between English and Spanish. Spanish has become so prevalent that it is considered the second language of the country. For U.S. internet users, Spanish to English translation online is the most common way to break down the barrier. Spanish English translation online is a quick and easy way to get a point across when neither of the communicators are bilingual.

With popular online translation software, creating a Spanish translation to English is done by copying the Spanish into a text window. Some online translation websites make you choose which language you are pasting into the text window. A newer innovation is that the website automatically detects the language. The user is still required to designate an output language, however. This method works equally well for getting a translation from English to Spanish.

Sometimes a full English translation to Spanish or Spanish translation to English is not necessary. So many people have a working knowledge of both English and Spanish that they can put together basic sentences, but the problem is that their vocabulary is not very large. In these cases, a full online translator is not necessary. It is only necessary to have access to an English-Spanish online dictionary. An online Spanish-English dictionary differs from a full translator in that it is made to translate only one word at a time, instead of full sentences, phrases, or paragraphs.

An English and Spanish dictionary is always going to be much more accurate than a full translator. Translators are notorious for giving the wrong translations. A lot of this is due to various idioms and words or phrases with multiple meanings. A good Spanish-English online dictionary, will give all the meanings of a particular word and the part of speech, just like a regular dictionary would. In comparison, online translators try to determine which meaning the user wants and then it automatically chooses one of the meanings. More often than not, it chooses the wrong meaning and the translation comes out wrong. If the translator chooses the wrong meaning for multiple words in a single phrase, the translation makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

A Spanish-English online dictionary requires more thought from the user, but it is much more convenient than having to carry around a real dictionary. Online dictionaries can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet, so there is no need to carry an actual dictionary around or have multiple copies to be used from home and work.

The benefits of using online translators and dictionaries for translating between Spanish and English include financial savings, higher productivity, and convenience. In many situations, a 100% accurate translation is not necessary. It is just necessary to have an open line of communication. Hiring a professional translator or interpreter for each of these situations can get expensive very quickly. By not having to rely on another person, productivity goes up. Efficiency comes by not having to turn from a book to a computer and back to a book again, flipping through pages and finding the words. An online dictionary finds the word automatically.

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