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Mens Rings Jewelry - How to Buy Men's Rings and Jewelry - Material Comparison for Men’s Rings and Jewelry

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While men have worn rings and other jewelry for thousands of years, it seems lately that buying men’s rings and jewelry has become more complicated than ever. This is mostly due to new materials that have recently been introduced and accepted as alternatives to the traditional gold and silver.

Men’s jewelry once had a purpose. The major types of jewelry were for various events or purposes. As a teen, high school rings were once a major purchase. Sports rings and college rings were also used. Rings for engagement and marriage were the next step. Today, many men are wearing rings that have no other purpose than pure aesthetics.

When rings began to become popular for both everyday and occasional wear, more factors other than being shiny white or yellow gold began to introduce themselves. Many men are now looking for materials and designs that are comfortable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Style is another factor in choosing men’s rings. This is a big consideration, as the new materials work well with different personal styles. A gold wedding band has been accepted as going with any style, but when working with the new materials, different styles work better with different people, depending on their personal tastes, dress, and mannerism.

Material Comparison for Men’s Rings and Jewelry

At one time, choosing a material for a ring depended primarily on income. If it could be afforded, platinum was the most elegant and high-class choice. For those who prefer yellow or those who could not afford platinum, gold was chosen for a ring. Silver was usually the choice of those who could not afford gold, and often, silver rings were upgraded when gold became affordable. It was also used for those allergic to gold. Today, however, a whole new host of materials is available. Here are the most popular:

Platinum – Platinum is the most expensive/valuable of metals used for jewelry. Platinum has an attractive white color that exudes elegance and class. Pure platinum in hypoallergenic, but it is a soft metal so it is often alloyed for jewelry. It scratches easily.

Gold – Gold is the standard for all metal jewelry. It is a soft metal that is alloyed for purposes of durability. It can also be alloyed with different metals to produce different colors, including yellow, white, rose, or rust. Durability of gold depends on purity. The purest and most expensive gold is the least durable.

Silver – Sterling silver is very reflective, but it requires the most care of the precious metals. It is very affordable but tarnishes easily.

Stainless Steel – Steel has graduated from being a utilitarian metal to one of jewelry-caliber. It does not tarnish, is hypoallergenic, and it can be polished to a shine that rivals silver. It can be engraved easily with any design.

Titanium – Titanium was once used only for industrial purposes. It is extremely hard and durable, but at the same time it is very lightweight. Titanium does not tarnish, and it is hypoallergenic. It has a soft grey color than can be honed to a dull shine. It will never match the brilliance possible with the precious metals, but it has become a very popular choice for men’s rings.

Tungsten – Tungsten is another industrial metal that has become popular in men’s jewelry. It is extremely durable, but heavier than both steel and titanium. It is hypoallergenic and has a dark gray to silvery appearance. Tungsten holds a shine and rarely has to be polished more than once in a lifetime.

Ceramic – Ceramic is slowly becoming more acceptable, but it has not quite reached the prestige of metals. It can be highly glossed and come in many colors. It is also relatively durable and lightweight.

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