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Houston Texas Homes For Sale - Finding Houston, Texas Homes for Sale

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Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest in the United States. The population of Houston, Texas is 2.3 million and it covers more than 600 square miles. Houston was officially incorporated in 1837, only one year after being founded by a pair of brothers on the Buffalo Bayou. The city is named after Sam Houston, former president of the Republic of Texas. The discovery of oil in 1901, a port on the Gulf of Mexico, and the establishment of a railroad center led to the city’s rapid expansion. By 1930, Houston took over as the largest city in the state. In the 1970s, droves of people from the northern states moved into Houston, and in the 1990s, growth was furthered with the economic development of the city.

There are 717,945 households in Houston with a median household income of $36,616. There are currently between 6,500 and 7,000 Houston, Texas homes for sale. New home growth is also steady as the population continues to rise. In addition, Houston has a number of foreclosures, with 3,000 to 3,500 being listed on average. Median home prices in the city are relatively low. The median price of Houston homes for sale is $160,000, recently jumping up from $112,000 at the end of the housing glut. The median price of new homes is still only $180,000, while foreclosures go for around $90,000. Taking all of these prices into consideration, the price per square foot is only $53 on average.

Being such a large and diverse city, Houston, Texas homes for sale are found in several regions and come in all sizes and types. Houston is divided into five main regions: Central, Downtown/Neartown, Memorial/West, Southwest, and Central West. In each region, there are numerous communities, neighborhoods, and subdivisions in all income levels.

Some of the most popular neighborhoods include the following:

Midtown – Midtown lies in sections of both the downtown and central regions between I-45 and US-59, north to south, and SH-288 and Bagby St. east to west. Midtown is an old neighborhood originally populated by oil refinery workers. A number of new luxury apartments and high-income townhomes exist amongst a large Vietnamese population. The area is beloved by those who prefer to live in an urban setting.

Uptown – Uptown Houston was once known as Galleria. It is a mixed-use community comprised of office buildings, single-family subdivisions, and high-rise condos. Shopping centers are abundant in the area. Uptown is defined at being between Woodway Dr. and US-59 (north-south) and I-610 and Chimney Rock Rd. (east-west).

Downtown – Downtown is the business center and historic district of the city. High-rise condominiums make up the largest portion of residences.

Houston Heights – The Heights sits just above the rest of the city in elevation. It began as a suburb in 1887, but was incorporated into the city in 1919. The Heights was once the lowest-income, highest-crime area of Houston, but a massive revitalization project has begun a startling transformation.

Memorial Villages – Memorial Villages was once rich farmland, but since the 1960s, it has becoming the setting of suburban villages. Several commercial industries are poised to set up shop here.

Rice Military – This neighborhood was once near a famous WWI training camp. It is now an upper-middle class neighborhood of 2,000 residents. Included here is the Arboretum and Nature Center filled with trails, lakes, rolling hills, and flower gardens. All-new townhomes and condominiums have recently been constructed.

The economy of Houston is heavily reliant on the energy industry. Renewable energy sources have slowly begun to operate side-by-side with the traditional oil and natural gas industries. Houston is also a large center for biomedical research. Aeronautics development and manufacturing also employs large numbers of Houston residents.

Public education in the city is served by 17 complete school districts, the largest of which is the Houston Independent School District, the seventh-largest in the nation. There are also over 300 private schools in the area. Houston also hosts over 60 colleges and universities, including Rice University and the University of Houston.

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