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Last Minute Deals Travel - How to Find Last Minute Travel Deals

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Although the economy is slow to crawl out of the gutter, many of us are still not willing to give up our annual vacation. Especially now, taking some time off and spending it far away from all the problems of home and work, can provide some much needed stress relief. The problem, of course, is the rising costs of travel. One way to deal with cost is to remain flexible in your plans and by not planning too far ahead. Some of the deepest discounts in traveling can come from last minute deals for travel.

Last minute travel deals are not as difficult to find as they once were. The power of the internet can save the day again by giving you the ability to search deals from several sources quickly and efficiently. One great method of using the internet to find last minute deals on travel is to use websites designed especially for this purpose, such as PriceLine, HotWire, or SkyAuction. These websites, and many like them, allow prospective travelers to name the price they are willing to pay for their flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. Prices on these websites can be extremely low because the major airlines and hotels make extra seats/rooms/cars available to them so they make some money rather than none. The downside with these websites is that you leave many of the specifics up to the website. Exact airlines and hotels cannot be chosen.

The internet can also be used to find last minute travel deals by using aggregate/consolidation sites that cater to users looking for discounts. There are many websites that specialize in last minute deals and many other websites have a section for last-minute travel deals. These websites search what is available on the rest of the internet for you, so you don’t have to go to each airline and hotel chain website on your own.

Although consolidator travel sites are a good starting point, airlines and hotel chains don’t always let them have the best deals. Sometimes they save the best deals to sell directly themselves. If nothing can be found from a consolidator, check each individual airline for their current last minute deals on travel. Some airlines have an email alert service. Signing up for email alerts will give you a heads up on deals before they expire.

As stated, it helps to be flexible when searching for last minute travel deals. It is acceptable to have a general idea of when and where you want to go, but in many instances wholly different locations can provide the exact same amenities. Want to go to Miami for some Florida sun and beach time? Consider Tampa Bay or Daytona Beach instead. Thinking about a trip to Seattle? Portland, OR can give you a great Northwest experience also. Can’t afford Denver or Aspen? Try Santa Fe or Taos.

Another way to find good last minute travel deals is to check for package rates. Using a vacation package that include airfare, hotel stay, and a rental car is often much cheaper than last minute deals on the same service sold separately.

There is no doubt that an enjoyable and relaxing vacation can be had while still maintaining a budget, but finding the best last minute travel deals will take a little extra work that is well worth the effort.

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