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Small Business Supplies - How to Get Great Deals on Small Business Supplies - Determining What Small Business Supplies Are Needed, Pricing Small Business Office Supplies

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Starting a small business is a giant endeavor. At the start-up, pressure will come from all sides on making sure everything is perfect. One way to help ensure a smooth start-up, and to keep the business running smoothly in the future, is to cut down on the overhead required for small business supplies and equipment. This is not to say that you have to skimp. A small business will run smoothly by having an adequate supply of everything required, but there are ways to save on the initial purchases and to restock later.

Determining What Small Business Supplies Are Needed

The first step in buying supplies for a small business is determining exactly what supplies are needed. When starting the business it is a good idea to put together a list of everything you think you will need. Remember, your small business is probably more than just an office. There will probably be a restroom and possibly an employee break-room. These will all require supplies.

There is nothing worse than opening up and finding you are lacking some necessary small business supplies. This, however, will be inevitable, so it is imperative to keep your list on-hand for at least another month until you can put together a master list of supplies that will need to be reordered from time to time. Here are some common office supplies to help you start your list:

• Paper – Notebook, printer, copier, fax, notepads, stationery, and index cards
• Calculators
• Calendars
• Stamps
• Glue
• Envelopes
• Folders
• Pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers
• Scotch tape
• Paper clips
• Rubber bands
• Scissors
• Staplers
• White boards and/or corkboards
• Bathroom supplies
• Cleaning supplies
• Coffee and water
• Blank computer disks
• Labels
• Receipt book or invoices

Pricing Small Business Office Supplies

Once it is determined exactly what supplies are needed, it is necessary to find out where you can get them for the least money. There is no doubt that different vendors will have various small business supplies for the least money, but it is counterproductive to order supplies from a dozen different vendors. This is for two reasons. First, each vendor will tack on a shipping and handling charge that will defeat the low list price. It will usually be more cost effective to find one vendor that has the lowest average prices and use them for everything. It is not unusual, though, to have two or three vendors for different supplies, such as one for office supplies and another for bathroom supplies. The second reason is that it is more efficient and quicker to place a single order and to deal with as few supply vendors as possible.

Where to Buy Small Business Supplies

Price is not the only factor in determining where to buy small business supplies. It depends on what you need, how much is needed, and what is available near your small business. It does not make much sense to order supplies over the phone or online when there is a discount office supply store across the street. Buying locally will save money on shipping and handling. However, if you have to go across the city to buy supplies, you will have to figure out fuel expenses and the expense of losing productivity having to travel across the city and buy supplies. All of these factors deserve consideration.

Keeping Small Business Supplies in Stock

It is said that empty supply shelves are the enemy of the business. It must also be known that overstocked shelves are just as bad. Never buy more supplies than you will need for a single month. There is no reason you need to fill your precious space with supplies. Another factor that many small business owners do not like to think about is employee theft. It is a proven fact, however, that the more supplies you have on hand, the more likely it is an employee will walk out with them. This is not always done consciously. Often it happens absent-mindedly. Walking out with pen in hand or a notebook happens all the time, but the fewer supplies that are on-hand, the more conscious everyone will be aware of the supplies.

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