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Paris Vacation Packages - How to Find the Best Paris Vacation Packages - Locating a Paris Vacation Package, Paris Tour Agencies, Online Paris Vacation Packages

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A trip to Paris can be the dream vacation of a lifetime. It is the most visited city in the world and the leading destination for romantic getaways. Some of the greatest attractions in the world are located in the city. It would take a full week to see them all. Some of the most popular attractions include the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Centre Pompidou, and the Arc de Triomphe.

Most tourists get to Paris by flying into the Charles de Gaulle Airport. It is the busiest and most far-reaching airport in the area. Because it is such a big airport, many specials are offered for flying into and out of Paris via this airport. Others enter the city through the rail system from other cities across Europe. It is a frequent destination of many European vacations.

Once inside the city, Paris has some of the finest hotels in the world. There are so many, that making a choice can be an extremely difficult task. It can take quite a bit of reading to match one up perfectly. Most people just take a chance, as all hotels in Paris will have something appealing about them to everyone.

Transportation inside Paris is usually taken care of by taxi or public systems, such as the metro and bus lines. Some tourists who plan to travel a lot in the city rent a car for their stay, but driving is a much more difficult task than having a car hire or riding the metro.

Locating a Paris Vacation Package

The best and most economical way to book a Paris, France vacation is to find a Paris vacation package. A vacation package will include air travel and a hotel stay. Many vacation packages will also include one for more optional amenities, such as a rental car, city tours, and tickets to attractions or events. There are several ways to find a Paris vacation package. None of them are clearly better than another. Each has its merits and can provide the best deal at different times. Here are the tops places to find Paris vacation packages:

Paris Tour Agencies

A tour agency specializing in Paris vacations will have the most knowledgeable staff and be able to answer every question you may have. They will also have some of the most customizable options. The downside is that they are usually not the cheapest option.

Online Paris Vacation Packages

Online travel companies are great way to find a Paris vacation package. Consolidation travel websites will have some of the best deals available. Most of these packages will be set but can be slightly customizable. They will have a good choice of hotels and tours can be added on.


Every commercial passenger airline that flies into Paris will offer a Paris vacation package. These packages are usually not very customizable but they offer great prices. Sometimes the offerings from specific airlines will beat the prices of even the discount travel websites.


If you have a favorite hotel in Paris, or if you know where you would like to stay, Paris vacation packages can be booked through the hotel. The hotel usually deals with one specific airline, but other options of the package can added on as needed. Prices for packages offered by hotels are moderate.

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