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K Nex Toys - Shopping for K Nex Toys - The Origin of K’NEX Toys, The Mission of K’NEX Toys

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K’NEX Toys, often misspelled as K Nex or Knex, is today’s leading producer of educational games for children. Based on the old “building blocks” model of toys, K’NEX has created elaborate construction kits for children of all ages. Like Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, Tinker Toys, and LEGO toys before them, K’NEX has been hailed by parents and experts alike as not only toys but on important developmental tools for children. Some of their most popular items include authentic bridge sets, the levers and pulleys set, and the 350-piece all-purpose tub.

The Origin of K’NEX Toys

The concept of K’NEX Toys came for night of playing with drinking straws, according to founder Joel Glickman. While bored at a wedding, he began creating models by connecting the straws used for drinks by the guests. Glickman took this concept of connector rods and soon added wheel, gears, and pulleys into the mix to create simple mechanical models. Each of the K’NEX pieces became color-coded in order to create a simple instructional system that children could understand. The K’NEX Toy Company was created in 1992, and as the K’NEX toys took off, new pieces were added to make realistic vehicles, and even simple integrated motors with programmable controls.

The Mission of K’NEX Toys

The official name of the manufacturer of K’NEX Toys is K’NEX Brands, L.P. Their headquarters is located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania and their toys are sold in more than 30 countries. In addition, K’NEX has acquired the North American rights to distribute Lincoln Log toys.

K’NEX states that their primary goals are financial success, social and environmental responsibility, and enriching the lives of human beings through innovative and original products. Respecting the intelligence of customers and treating employees as valued team-members is also at the heart of the company.

Popular K’NEX Toys

K’NEX products currently being produced by the company consist of dozens of models and kits in six different categories: Thrill Rides, Collect & Build, Multi-Model Sets, Vehicles, Kid K’NEX, and Sesame Street.

Thrill Rides

The Thrill Rides collection is one of the most exciting categories. In this collection are various models to create an entire working theme park. One of the most impressive of all K’NEX sets is the Lava Launch Coaster, a working, volcano-based, roller coaster that stands over 4 feet tall. Other products in the collection include the following:

• Loopin’ Lightning Coaster
• Extreme View Video Coaster
• Double Ferris Wheel
• 6-foot Ferris Wheel
• Amusement Park Series

Collect & Build

The Collect & Build series features several sets to build themed collectible models. One of the top products in the series is the Motorized Micro-Bots. Here are some of the others:

• Construction Crew
• Air Action
• Racecar Rally
• Road Rigs

Multi-Model Building Sets

The Multi-Model series is based on the concept of giant tubs of pieces that can be used to build many different models or even entire sets. Some revolve around themes, such as the Fire Rescue 10 Set, but others are multi-piece tubs of general pieces. Tubs come in sizes of 325, 350, 400, 1000-piece sizes. Themed tubs include the following:

• Dinosaurs 20
• City Rides 10
• Tractors & Trucks 10
• Racers 20+


The Vehicles sets are some of the most popular K’NEX toys. Cars and trucks have always remained the favorites of children worldwide. The newest sets in the series are Monster Trucks, and NASCAR. Other Vehicles sets include the following:

• Cool Construction 10
• Off-Road Racing 10
• Space Explorers 10
• 4X Dragsters Assortment


The Kid K’NEX series features bigger, more colorful pieces made especially for young children. The top-sellers are Building Zone Buddies and Racetrack Buddies, but here are some others:

• Railroad Pals
• Furry Friends
• Panda Pals
• Zoo Buddies

Sesame Street

K’NEX Toys has officially licensed the Sesame Street name and characters for a full series of fun and exciting sets. New to the series are Kick It! Elmo, Cookie Monster’s Basketball, and Swim Time Ernie. Classic sets include the following:

• Neighborhood Collections
• Elmo’s Treasure Hunt Adventure
• Elmo’s Pet Vet

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