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Memory Foam Bed Topper - Memory Foam Bed Topper Buying Guide - Why Consider a Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

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Memory foam was first developed by NASA for the space program back in the 1970s. Since the 1990s, however, it has adapted by consumer manufacturers for regular civilian use as mattress toppers. Since that time, full mattresses have been developed out of memory foam, but the memory foam bed topper has remained more popular.

One important fact to understand when thinking about buying memory foam bedding is that not all memory foam is the same. Because of its popularity, many memory foam manufacturers have sprung up and not all of them adhere to the same quality standards. Quality notwithstanding, one memory foam bed topper will differ from another because of thickness and density. While higher-density memory foam toppers are usually of higher quality, the density is largely a matter of personal choice. The following guide covers this topic and many more.

Why Consider a Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Memory foam has several benefits over other mattress types and materials. After its use as a space-age material, it was used in the medical field before reaching the regular consumer market. Memory foam is unique from regular foam in that it has no spring compression and recoil. Placing weight on regular foam compresses the foam, causing tension like a spring. Memory foam simply disburses the air in the foam, so it conforms to the weight of objects placed on it.

The unique quality of memory foam creates a more restful sleep because less pressure is applied to the pressure points of the body. The pressure points are the parts of the body that rest the heaviest on the mattress. The discomfort of these points is the main reason for tossing and turning, trying to adjust into new positions.

Memory foam also allows the body to sleep with proper spinal alignment. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress topper allows the spine to remain in its natural position.

Cost of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam is not cheap. Because of the advanced technology and exacting specifications, it is fairly expensive to manufacture. This is one reason why memory foam mattress toppers are more popular than full mattresses. As with many other products, the less expensive memory foam is going to be of lesser quality. Average quality memory foam toppers average at about $80 for twin-size up to $350 for king-size. High quality memory foam toppers can be as much as $500 to $2,000. While price is a good indicator on quality, it is not the final word. It depends on where you buy it. Pricey, high-end mattress stores will have pricey memory foam toppers. Discount mattress stores may carry some of the top brands, but at lower prices.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Properties

Different brands of memory foam will have different properties. Some of these properties are desirable by some but unwanted by others. Properties of memory foam mattress toppers include the following:

• Thickness – Thickness plays a large role in how memory foam feels while lying on it. Thinner toppers (2-inch) are more suited to those who like firm sleeping surfaces. Those who rotate from back to side often benefit from a 3-inch topper.
• Density – Density goes hand-in-hand with thickness. The higher density the foam, the less thick the topper can be while providing the same support. Density of memory foam is provided in pounds per cubic foot. The standard density is 4 lbs./cu. ft. but can range up to 5.5 lbs./cu. ft. Anything above that is too hard to be considered comfortable for sleeping. A lower-density foam can be used down to 3 lbs./cu. ft., but anything less and it is so soft that you might as well not use anything at all.
• Temperature Sensitivity – Memory foam is sensitive to temperature. When it is warm, it gets softer. This is what gives it some of its unique properties. Some types of memory foam are more sensitive than others. In cold climates, or when in conditions below 60F, the cold will make the memory foam too hard for comfortable sleeping.

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