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Mortons Steak House - Eating at Morton's Steak House - The Origin of Morton’s Steakhouse, Morton’s The Steakhouse Specialties

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Morton’s The Steakhouse is one of the highest-rated upscale restaurant chains in the world. With over 76 locations in the North America, Macau, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the world is able to enjoy the fine atmosphere and American cuisine held to rigorous and exacting standards that never fail to produce a positive review.

The Origin of Morton’s Steakhouse

Morton’s was co-founded over 30 years ago by two entrepreneurial co-workers of the Montreal Playboy Club, Arnie Morton and Klaus Fritsch. The story goes that Fritsch was in the kitchen and prepared a hamburger for Morton that was to die for. That dish became known as the Million-Dollar Hamburger and served as the inspiration for them to begin their own restaurant.

The first Morton’s Steakhouse opened in 1978 in the basement of a high-rise in Chicago’s North Side. The signature dish was giant steaks and extra-large baked potatoes. Business was slow for a long while until they struck gold by gaining Frank Sinatra as a regular customer. Word soon spread and the pair had more customers than they could contain in a single location.

Morton’s The Steakhouse Specialties

Although Morton’s The Steakhouse, sometimes mislabeled as Mortons Steak House, prepares many foods well, it specializes in only one thing – steak. All of the Morton’s restaurants deal with the same butcher they used for their original establishment in 1978. This ongoing relationship means Morton’s receives only the best cuts of aged beef that are on the market. If a cut reaches Morton’s that doesn’t meet their high standards, their supplier gladly exchanges it for a cut that does.

Customers can be assured that they only use cuts of beef that meet the specifications to be called “prime.” It is estimated that only 2% of all cuts of beef can be labeled as prime. Once the prime portions have been separated from the lesser-quality beef, it is cut and vacuum packed for delivery to the Morton’s Steakhouse restaurants.

For years, Morton’s Steakhouse kept their beef and other recipes a closely-guarded trade secret. Recently, however, they found it a shame to keep such knowledge from the world, and they published two volumes detailing how they prepare their steaks and other menu items: Morton’s Steak Bible and Morton’s The Cookbook. Both books can be purchased from the Mortons.com online store or from booksellers nationwide.

Other Dishes at Morton’s The Steakhouse

Morton’s is a steak specialist, but that does not mean they do not prepare other foods that have both customers and reviewers raving. Morton’s has a large seafood menu that compliments their steaks nicely. Choices include colossal shrimp, Alaskan king crab legs, Pacific salmon smoked to perfection, and a selection of fine shellfish.

Appetizers at Morton’s are also no laughing matter. They have become famous for their Baked Five Onion Soup, Tuna Tartare, and choices of salads. Lunch dishes range from steak sandwiches in six different styles to their Prime Sirloin Burger. For those who just do not feel like steak or seafood, they also serve Chicken Cristopher with a Garlic Beurre Blanc Sauce and Double Rib Lamb Chops.

Contact Morton’s The Steakhouse

For more information on Morton’s The Steakhouse, they can be contacted at:

Morton’s The Steakhouse
325 N. LaSalle, Suite 500
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 866-667-8667

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