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Hilti Power Tools - Hilti Power Tools Buying Guide - The Beginning of Hilti Power Tools, Where Hilti Power Tools are Used

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Hilti is one of the leading manufacturers of power tools in the world. Although they are designed for professional use, many regular consumers buy them for home use, citing their durability and craftsmanship as two of the main reasons for not buying a brand geared more toward home users. Because Hilti power tools are designed for professional contractors out on job sites, they are more expensive than many other brands, but owners that afford them say they are well worth it, not only for durability and quality, but also for comfort.

The Beginning of Hilti Power Tools

HIlti was founded as a mechanical shop in 1941 by Martin Hilti in the small European country of Liechtenstein. Quickly gaining large contracts for the textile industry in Switzerland and the automotive industry in Germany, the company grew from five employees to over 100 in the first year. In 1948, they developed their first tool, a powder-actuated fastening system, and by the next decade they were a leading manufacturer of high-velocity tools. By the 1980s, Hilti had production facilities and sales forces throughout half the world, including North America and China. Throughout the 1990s to today, Hilti power tools have been upgraded using the latest in technology and innovation, keeping their spot in professional construction sites secure.

Today, Hilti boasts operations in 120 countries around the world, with 20,000 direct employees. Two-thirds of those employees are in customer relations, making sure customers get what they require and keeping them satisfied even after purchase.

Where Hilti Power Tools are Used

Hilti power tools are used in a number of construction and industrial trades, including construction, interior finishing, mechanical, electrical, civil engineering, steel and metal, and solar trade.

Building Construction – Hilti provides a complete line of power tools for construction. Not only do they have a full line of tools for carpentry, including drills, saws, cutters, drivers, and grinders, they have a complete line of industrial tools for concrete work. Hilti power tools are made for setting concrete, demolishing concrete, and the post-installation of rebar. They also produce some of the most powerful concrete diamond cutters in the world. Closely related are Hilti power tools made for masonry work – used for the cutting and laying of stone blocks and bricks. In addition, Hilti provides solutions for excavation, foundation laying, and scaffolding.

Interior Finishing – Hilti power tools are not only made for rough and tough exterior work, they can also handle the more delicate interior work. Product lines include those for installing and partitioning drywall, and installing ceilings, doors, and windows. They are also specialists in perimeter firewalls.

Mechanical – Hilti power tools and systems are responsible for keeping thousands of buildings worldwide running smoothly and operating according to government standards and personal preference. Mechanical systems include heating and plumbing lines and fasteners, air-conditioning ventilation, and sprinkler system lines.

Electrical – Hilti is no stranger to electricians. They have some of the top products for installing electrical fire stop systems and creating electrical distribution networks, both visible and fully hidden.

Civil Engineering – Hilti power tools are used by contractors to develop and construct important city structures and systems. Hilti technology is used in bridge construction, tunnel construction, roadwork, railways, water systems, and power plants.

Steel and Metal Hilti power tools are made for working with most any type of metal. Common metal construction includes building frames, floor decks, and metal roof decks.

Solar Trade – Hilti has recently expanded into the world of solar power. They are responsible not only for building-specific solar panels but giant industrial solar parks.

Where to Buy Hilti Power Tools

Hilti power tools can be bought in a number of ways. Hilti is willing to schedule in-person demos and presentations for its biggest customers. Contacting Hilti can provide a contracting company with a personal sales representative. They also operate a number of retail outlets, and they do business online. Many Home Depot stores also have Hilti Power Tool Pro Shops.

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