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Fruit Of The Loom Boxer Briefs - Buying Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs - Fruit of the Loom Profile, Why Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs?

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When it comes to men’s underwear, one brand stands out above the rest – Fruit of the Loom. Although the company offers a large selection of choices, many prefer Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs over all the others. Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs are a hybrid men’s undergarment made to bring together the benefits of the two traditional and most popular types: boxers and briefs.

Fruit of the Loom Profile

Fruit of the Loom is an American tradition. The company was first started way back in 1851 by Robert Knight and Rufus Skeel in Rhode Island. The story goes that Skeel sold cloth from Knight’s textile mill applying his own logo – emblems of various fruits hand-painted by his daughter. The trademark was granted in 1871 for the brand name as one of the first in the country, number 418 to be exact. The company continued to grow into the largest men’s undergarment company in the world. By 1990, the company had annual revenues of $2.5 billion.

Why Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs?

When Fruit of the Loom came out with its hybrid boxer briefs style of men’s underwear, a revolution was born. Since their inception, they have begun to be called the most comfortable of all underwear. The style, of course, is a cross between traditional boxers and traditional briefs. The best qualities of both brought together into a single garment.

Long has the argument of boxers vs. briefs raged through the social circles of men. Boxers were loved for several reasons, including these:

• Available in a choice of colors
• Easy-to-use fly
• Easy to put on and take off
• Temperature control
• Aesthetic value
• Comfortable

The other side of the debate defended their choice claiming these points about briefs:

• Support
• No bunching when wearing pants
• Less riding up
• Modern style
• Comfortable

Fruit of the loom boxer briefs took the best of these qualities to provide a product that could bring together these qualities while eliminating the problems. Boxer briefs offer the same support as traditional briefs, yet the legs are snug enough to prevent them from riding up underneath pants. Boxer briefs stay in place, as they should. This also prevents all the unusual positions that boxers work themselves into as the day progresses. Boxer briefs are also loved because they eliminate the possibility of accidental exposure. The loose fly on boxers allows a man’s privates to slip through at the most inopportune times, either to be exposed to the world, or to rest against abrasive denim or even a zipper.

The number one reason why Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs are so beloved is their aesthetic value. Not only are they comfortable, but they look good on all body types. They are also available in a number of colors and different patterns, instead of plain white like traditional briefs.

How to Buy Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs

Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs are sold at retail outlets across the United States. The most popular places to buy them are at Walmart, Kmart, Dollar General, Meijer, Fleet Farm, and Shopko. They can also be purchased online at many fine internet clothing retailers. They are available as 4-packs in the following styles:

• Black/Heather Grey
• Assorted Colors
• Stripe/Heather
• Ringer
• Covered Elastic
• White

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