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Amcor Air Conditioner - Limited Availability in Aftermarket for Amcor Air Conditioners

american comfort models portable

In 2009, Amcor ceased the production, maintenance, and distribution of its portable air conditioners. For those consumers who still want Amcor products, they can still be purchased used from wholesale warehouses as well as from American Comfort, a company which even continues to service Amcor models.

Though Amcor failed as a business, its products were efficient yet slightly fragile. Amcor produced mid-range portable air conditioner/dehumidifiers in the $300-$450 range. Price differences came not so much from differing features but from differing electricity usages and suggested room sizes. Equipped with self-evaporating technology, its combined design allowed it to vaporize A/C condensation while absorbing it into the dehumidifier. Though ingenious, the design suffered from lack of durability, and many users had to return their machines after a few months of use. Due to this, Amcor reviews sit on one of two extremes—utter dissatisfaction at a quickly-broken product or satisfaction with quiet, efficient climate control.

Amcor air conditioners include several features. As a de-humidifier as well as an air-conditioner, it is ideal for server rooms and other electronics operation needs. All models feature a back-lit LCD control panel for temperature tracking and adjustment. Larger models usually feature a remote control, making them well-suited to social and entertainment spaces. A simple computerized interface allows for other options as well, including date-time control and programmable cooling periods for hands-off, regular use.

Wholesalers continue to offer Amcor air conditioners through a few vendors, though their inventories are shrinking rapidly. Mindtech and Today’s Concept are two web stores still distributing Amcor. American Comfort’s similarly-designed models also remain an option, and are in fact among the first products found when a searcher looks for Amcor products.

New Jersey-based American Comfort, another air-conditioning company, has purchased the rights to the Amcor line, allowing them to advertise their own models in direct response to searches for Amcor air conditioners. American Comfort models are similar in form and function, making them a worthwhile replacement for those looking specifically for an Amcor product. American Comfort also offers repairs and new filters for Amcor systems, making it possible to sustain them through their full lifespans. With access to all of the science once used by Amcor, American Comfort provides very similar self-evaporating portable air conditioners that should fill the niche that the Amcor conditioners are leaving behind.

Even with American Comfort’s support, Amcor air conditioners will not be around forever. More likely, their models will continue disappearing from the market, replaced by similar offerings from their former competitors. Given their similarity to American Comfort products, consumers can expect continued access to replacement filters and repairs for some time. Eventually, however, portable air conditioning technology will grow, and the Amcor line will fully discontinue, at which point even product loyalists will no longer be able to sustain their use of Amcor portable air conditioners.

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