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Lane Office Chairs - Buyer's Guide for Lane Office Chairs - The Origin of Lane Office Chairs, Characteristics of Lane Office Chairs

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Lane Home Furnishings is legendary manufacturer of furniture in the United States. They are known for their assortment of diverse collections for every room: living room, bedroom, dining room, and office. Lane office chairs are prized by managers and executives for their comfort and durability. The office chairs by Lane are a product of some of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the world. Although the company is best known for its best-selling line of recliners, Lane office chairs show the same commitment to excellence. The company is also known for its exquisite leather, which is also used in its office chairs.

The Origin of Lane Office Chairs

John Lane began his company in 1912 with the purchase of a box factory in Altavista, Virginia. He encouraged his son to begin producing chests at the factory, giving birth to the Standard Red Cedar Chest Company. By the 1960s, their popularity and reputation firmly in place, the company expanded to tables, cases, and accent pieces. Wanting to expand even further, Lane bought out an existing recliner manufacturer and consolidated both companies into the single furniture giant that came to be known as Lane Home Furnishings. Today the company’s offerings can furnish every room in a home or office, with Lane office chairs being some of the most comfortable in existence.

Characteristics of Lane Office Chairs

Lane office chairs are primarily known for their comfort. They have a unique design that seems to balance the body’s weight no matter the body type and which position a person is sitting. Comfort was once considered optional in office furniture. It was thought that it would put people to sleep. However, studies have shown that people are much more productive in an office setting when they have an ergonomic chair providing both comfort and support.

Lane office chairs are not only comfortable, but they are also stylish. Those who already own a Lane office chair say that the simple yet elegant style of their chair was a major reason for the purchase. Because the style is minimalist, Lane chairs go with any office décor: modern, classical, or traditional.

The final feature that is the reason for the popularity of Lane office furniture is its durability. Lane office chairs are made to last. The quality craftsmanship and materials that go into these chairs produces a final product that resists common wear and tear and continues to look great even after several years of daily use.

How to Buy Lane Office Chairs

As of the writing of this buyer’s guide, Lane Office chairs are no longer being directly sold or promoted by the company. Lane has taken a position to leave this to its retailers. The largest retailer of Lane office chairs is Staples Office Supplies. Lane has produced a series of office chairs exclusive of Staples, and they can be purchased at Staples online or in most Staples stores. Many other office furniture stores sell Lane office chairs, but it is admittedly difficult to track them down. Online retailers are often the easiest way to find the chairs, and they also offer some of the best prices. List prices on Lane office chairs starts at $179.99 and goes upward to $399.99 or more.

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