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Des Moines Car Rental - Searching for a Des Moines Car Rental - Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Avis Rent a Car

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Finding a Des Moines car rental is fairly easy, both for those who are trying to secure a car at the airport and for those who live in Des Moines and who do not need to rent a car at the airport. Most of the very large car rental companies do have locations in Des Moines, although there are a few smaller, family-owned car rental places in Des Moines also. Let’s take a look at several of the most popular Des Moines car rental places.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Enterprise Rent-a-Car has many different locations throughout Des Moines, including one location at the airport. Enterprise is the largest car rental company in North America, and the Des Moines location offers about half of the vehicle classes that are offered by all of the Enterprise locations. Choices range from economy or compact cars, to large and small pickup trucks or even 12- or 15-passenger vans. However, the passenger vans are quite popular, so travelers will probably want to arrange for these ahead of time if they will need a large passenger van. Prices for a Des Moines car rental from Enterprise typically range from $40 to $50 per day.

Avis Rent a Car

Another very large Des Moines car rental company is Avis Rent a Car. This company has a location at the airport and another location located on the far west side of Des Moines, toward the Urbandale area. There is one bad thing about the Avis that is located on the far side of the city. It is quite small, and this Des Moines car rental place offers only a full size car, a minivan, and a standard SUV. Also it does not have a lot of vehicles available to rent, so customers may often find it difficult to rent a car at this Des Moines car rental place. If you are lucky enough to secure a car rental there, it will cost between $40 and $50 per day.

Great Western Car Rental

People who prefer to rent at a smaller Des Moines car rental place that is not nationwide will probably want to check out Great Western Car Rental. Customers say the service was great and that the price of the car rental was cheaper than other Des Moines car rental places. The price of a car rental at Great Western will likely cost a little less than $40 per day for a standard car, although probably not enough to skip out on the convenience of renting a car at the airport for travelers who are flying in. Great Western Car Rental has just one location, which is on Army Post Road, quite a distance away from the airport.

Dollar Des Moines Car Rental

Another good choice for a Des Moines car rental is Dollar Rent a Car, which only has one location in the airport. The choices at this car rental company are also quite limited, with only different sizes of cars available. The rentals at Dollar run about $35 per day, which does put them a little bit lower than the other Des Moines car rental places at the airport. This also means that they tend to get sold out very easily, so plan ahead if you want to use Dollar.

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