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Marks Spencer Uk - Marks Spencer UK—Company Information

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M&S (Marks Spencer) —UK based retailer—is a prominent name in retail clothing, with more than 895 stores in 40-plus territories around the world. Its head office is London, England. The company is one of the largest clothing retailer in the UK, as well as being an upmarket food retailer. Majority of its 600 plus domestic stores sell both clothing and food, and in the last decade it has started expanding into other ranges such as technology, furniture and homewares. Marks/Spencer UK was the first British retailer to earn a pre-tax profit of over £1 billion. It achieved this in 1998; however, a few years later it faced a crisis which lasted for many years.

In recent years, the company has fostered considerable growth, but in mid-2008 its share prices fell to well under half their value of 12 months before due to the conservative buying by shoppers in the credit crunch. Until 1999, the company’s financial year ended on March 31. Since then, the reporting has changed to 52 or 53 week periods, with no fix ending dates.Overseas sourcing offices of the company are located in Turkey, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and Hong Kong.

Marks Spencer UK has faced criticism made by pro-Palestinian and left wing groups because of its support for Zionism in the past and for trading with Israel, a cause which it had promoted since its inception. This resulted in different pressure groups calling for boycotts of M&S goods, and demonstrations to be held outside of M&S shops. One one occasion, a shop in Brighton was vandalized with pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist graffiti. The company has changed its policy since that time, and now it ‘does not support any countries, nations, states, governments, political parties or religious bodies.’

Products offered by Marks/Spencer UK include: womenswear, summer classics, beachwear, sportsware, the Indigo collection, Portfolio, Per Una, Designer discount, breakthrough breast cancer, lingerie and hosiery, shoes, childrenswear, menswear, cosmetics and perfumes, homeware, technology, food and drink, gastropub, ready meals inspired by pub cuisine for home cooking, alcohol: the company has a large range of wine and beer, which was first started in 1973, gift shop, M&S Money – Marks and Spencer Financial Services, and M&S Energy – Electricity & Gas (the company is partner of Scottish & Southern in this venture) and Home Insulation.

The company offers a range of food products at Christmas for supporting the housing charity Shelter. These products are mainly in the food to go range including different kinds of seasonal Christmas sandwiches.

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