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Williamsburg Homes For Sale - Searching for Williamsburg Homes for Sale - Historic Williamsburg homes for sale, New construction in Williamsburg

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Williamsburg, Virginia is a great place to live, full of history and a rich culture, and there are plenty of Williamsburg homes for sale. One of the best things about the Williamsburg area is that its historic quality lends itself to both new construction and older historic homes with a lot of charm. Anyone who is searching the Williamsburg homes for sale is sure to find the right place for them. .

Historic Williamsburg homes for sale

Home buyers who are looking for a home with historic charm have certainly come to the right city. Many of the historic homes in Williamsburg date back to the 1600s, although they may be a bit difficult to find on the market. Most of the historic homes that are for sale are located in downtown Williamsburg, and they can range from $200,000 to $1 million, depending on the condition of the home.

New construction in Williamsburg

Because of the size of the city, there are also plenty of newly constructed homes available in the Williamsburg area. Many of the newly constructed homes are standard three bedroom homes with two bathrooms, most of which have an open floor plan. These homes typically range in price from $275,000 to $300,000, depending mostly on the exact size of the home. There are also some newly constructed homes with four bedrooms or more, and the price scales up from $300,000.

Older Williamsburg homes for sale

There are also plenty of older Williamsburg homes for sale. These homes range in age from a few years old to 30, 40 or 50 years old, but they do not qualify as historic homes because of the neighborhoods they are in and the fact that they are not more than 100 years old. In most cases, an older home that is not in a historic neighborhood of Williamsburg will give home buyers the best value because it does not have the attraction of being either a historic home or a newly constructed home. Many of the homes in this category are in wonderful condition despite their age. Older Williamsburg homes for sale range in price for a three bedroom home with two bathrooms for $180,000 to a five bedroom home with three and a half bathrooms for $600,000.

Homes in Governor’s Land

The most exclusive area of Williamsburg is the Governor’s land area. Williamsburg homes for sale in this part of the area are typically quite expensive, ranging from $750,000 to $2 million. However, the homes in this area are usually up-to-date in both layout and décor. Also many of the homes for sale in the Governors Land area are waterfront properties, which is one of the reasons these homes do tend to sell for such a high price. Another reason homes in Governor’s Land are so high is because of the exclusive golf course that is located there. The golf course offers golf year-round, and it was designed by three-time gold architect of the year Tom Fazio.

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