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Free Delivery Flowers - Beware of Sites Offering Free Delivery of Flowers - Free delivery of flowers = higher price of the flowers

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Everyone wants to get something for free, but free delivery of flowers may not be something that it is not possible to get for free. Of course free delivery of flowers is a bit relative because there are a couple of different ways to deliver flowers. Let’s take a look at some of the pitfalls when it comes to finding truly free delivery of flowers.

Free delivery of flowers = higher price of the flowers

One of the most common ways that online florists offer free delivery of flowers is by adding the price of the delivery into the price of the flowers. This means that the flower prices may be a bit inflated over what they would normally. This method of offer free delivery of flowers can be very difficult to detect. Consumers may have to compare the prices of the same kinds of flowers at several different websites before they will be able to see if the prices of the flowers are actually inflated. Consumers should also make sure that they really are looking at comparable products because some florists include a vase or basket with certain flower orders. Another thing to check is the quantity of the flowers.

Free delivery of flowers through a package delivery service

Another thing about free delivery of flowers that is a bit subjective is the fact that some online florists use package delivery services like UPS or FedEx to deliver their flowers. Flowers that are delivered this way typically come in a large box, and they may be very beautiful and of good quality, just like flowers from other florists. However, some people just prefer the personal delivery method offered by florists since the beginning of the industry. Some companies find it easier to offer free delivery of flowers by using a package delivery service because they can get cheaper rates from the package delivery service by ordering in bulk, and so it costs them less money than paying someone to hand-deliver the flowers would. Also some companies may use a combination of methods one and two by adding in the price of the package delivery service into the prices of the flowers so they can offer free delivery of flowers.

Florists that may be telling the truth about free delivery of flowers

In most cases, the only kind of florist that actually has the ability to offer free delivery of flowers is the local, family-owned florist. These florists may naturally have prices that are a bit higher because their flowers are put together entirely by hand. For them, offering free delivery of flowers is truly about service because they will probably be hand-delivering the flowers themselves. These smaller florists may truly be able to offer consumers a deal on free delivery simply because it is more in their means than it is a large company that only takes orders off of the internet. For these smaller florists, small services like free delivery are one of the few ways they can afford to offer customers a real deal.

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