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Interior Auto Parts - Major Categories of Interior Auto Parts - Original Parts, Aftermarket, Custom Parts

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Interior auto parts are manufactured automobile components located on the inside of the vehicle. They include steering wheels, seats, knobs, dashboards, rear-view mirrors, handles, floor mats, and more. The category does not include electrical or electronic components like gauges or air bags.

Naturally, a new car comes ready-equipped with most interior auto parts, but wear and tear eventually results in a need for replacement. These replacements can either be factory fresh or used. Alternatively, some car owners enjoy custom auto parts to add to the personality of their vehicles.

Original Parts

Auto parts stores and websites alike provide new, factory fresh interior auto parts. These parts, also known as Original Equipment Manufactured (or OEM) parts, are useful in maintaining a vehicle’s value. Drivers for whom a car represents a substantial asset are the main purchasers of original parts, as they limit depreciation.

Despite the large number of car manufacturers on the market, the majority of interior auto parts are purchased from one of two large, international companies: Magna International or ABC Group. The Ontario-based ABC Group provides plastic parts—seat brackets, dashboards, and the like. Magna, large enough to span five continents and twenty-five countries, produces a diverse selection of modules and components.

OEM parts are purchased through a supplier. One supplier of OEM parts is Trade Motion, a site which maintains a thorough database of OEM parts still in production. Users of their service begin by entering their year, make, and model. They then navigate through a variety of options, beginning with general topics and moving toward specificity all the way down to the individual bolts of a given part.


Although original parts help maintain a vehicle’s value, aftermarket parts are the preference when the main goal is to keep a vehicle running while limiting expenses. Junkyards are a natural first stop for aftermarket interior auto parts, but the internet has made it possible to seek and order parts from the home as well.

Though OEM parts protect value, aftermarket replacements can still aid resale value. Stained seat covers, broken recliners, and ripped dashboards all lower the resale value of a car. Replacing interior auto parts can move a car from “clunker” to “proud but old workhorse” in a potential buyer’s eyes. For low- to mid-range vehicles, aftermarket parts are by far the preferred approach.

Whether going to a junkyard or a website, aftermarket parts are purchased similarly. The search begins with the year, make, and model of the car, which is then compared to the inventory of the used parts available. A mechanic will then either locate and salvage the part or order it from another site.

Custom Parts

Lastly, some car owners prefer to customize their interior auto parts for style, novelty, or comfort.

Shrunken Heads is one of many novelty providers, a veritable Hot Topic of automobiles. Fireball shift knobs, dice door lock pulls, bobbleheads and hula girls all fit under their umbrella of fun stuff to put on the inside of a car. Meanwhile, Hot Rod Shift Knobs caters specifically to a different car part. Their products let people shift gears by way of eight balls, monster heads, and more.

Other sites provide car seats that range from the classical (Classic Car Seats) to the heavy duty (Car Cover USA), off-road supplies like roll bars and crash cages FABRaiCATIONS, and various other interior auto parts for any buyer.

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