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Bare Essentials Cosmetics - The Bare Essentials on Bare Escentuals Cosmetics - Bare Escentuals, Bare Minerals, Buxom, MD Formulations, Getting Started with Bare Escentuals

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After first hearing about them, many people mistake the Bare Escentuals cosmetic line for “Bare Essentials”, and understandably so. But no matter how you spell them, they are the pioneers of the “mineral makeup” craze that swept the nation (you know, the one that just about every makeup company has tried to capitalize on). Bare Escentuals prides themselves on offering “makeup as skincare”, or makeup that is actually good for your skin. Today they continue to receive rave customer reviews from their loyal fanbase around the world, and have branched out from their beginnings in foundation powders into all major makeup and skin care categories, including lip and eye color, moisturizers, and makeup tools. Here’s a look at their four major lines, all of which can be accessed from bareescentuals.com.

Bare Escentuals

The Bare Escentuals line covers a wide range of skin toners, body moisturizers, lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner, and makeup tools. It is the umbrella company for all of Bare Escentual’s lines, including the BareMinerals line that made them famous.

Bare Minerals

BareMinerals has long been a top seller at Bare Escentuals, ever since their smash debut on QVC. Running on their proprietary blend of mineral foundations that were so pure you could “sleep in them”, Bare Escentuals carved out and dominated a whole new market. Customers were refreshed at the notion of makeup that could actually be healthy for your skin. BareMinerals touts a “100% natural, no-makeup look”, which is made to give a smooth, air-brushed appearance to the skin.


Recently the Buxom line was produced to show the sexy side of Bare Escentuals, encouraging women to “live life vividly”. Their main product is a popular line of lip polishes that plump lips while giving a tingling, cooling sensation to the user. They also have lash liners, lip stick, and lip balms that follow their “big and healthy” philosophy. But Buxom’s appeal goes farther than just lip gloss – it has become a whole online phenomenon devoted to the Buxom way of life, offering women everywhere a chance to get together to share hot makeup tips and even secret confessions.

MD Formulations

The MD Formulations line contains scientifically formulated skin care products that are engineered to keep skin healthy. Here you can find cleansing, correcting, hydrating, and protecting products that are formulated to your specific skin needs. Look for skin-clearing or anti-aging creams under the “corrective products” menu, or try the Pedicreme to exfoliate dry, rough patches on your heels or toes. The biggest fan-favorite is the Facial Cleanser, which dissolves away makeup, oils, and other residue in an instant and leaves your face feeling perfectly clean and refreshed.

Getting Started with Bare Escentuals

If you’re curious about trying Bare Escentuals for yourself, simply click on the “get started” link to find a great starter kit that contains two shades of SPF 15 BareMinerals foundation, a veil finishing powder, brushes, mascara, and many other bonus products. It’s a great way to save money while trying out the most popular items they offer.

That’s it for this guide to the bare essentials on Bare Escentuals cosmetics. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about these fresh product lines. Log on to bareescentuals.com for more information.

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