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American Standard Kitchen Faucet - American Standard Faucets Collection Guide - The Pekoe Collection: The Modern Face of AS

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American Standard faucets live up to the same expectations as their other kitchen and bathroom products. Prices range in price from deluxe to the inexpensive-without-being-cheap. Built for durability, American Standard promises faucets that will last a lifetime.

The majority of American Standard faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty. Their cheapest models (generally the ones under $100) do not offer such features, but the majority of their faucets do. The American Standard warranty is based on home ownership—so long as the faucet stays in the original home with its original owner, it stays under warranty.

American Standard faucets are made of metal, which also adds to their durability. Their one non-metal part is a ceramic disk valve which the maker assures will lead to a drip-free lifetime. Most models are available in polished chrome, while a few are available in brass or alloys like Corian and Americast.

Overall, American Standard faucets live up to their stated goal of being America’s standard. The company appears on all consumer lists of the top five faucet makers and receives ample praise for its durability and affordable elegance. Though not as upscale as Delta or Grohe, American Standard caters to middle class households who want sinks that look good and do not break at a price that seems comparable to their quality.

The Pekoe Collection: The Modern Face of AS

The Pekoe collection features contemporary, modern designs, oddly geometric with its quirkily angled stem. Prices start at $275 and continue to $510. The Pekoe is among American Standard’s most heavily advertised faucets.

The Standard Collection: Retro Designs

Brass with porcelain handles, American Standards “The Standard” runs from $158 to $328. It is marked by its retro design. The more expensive models from this collection can come with a pull-out faucet—a sprayer built into the mouth of the faucet which can be pulled out for spraying and rewinds after use.

Amarillis: The Customizer

The heavily customizable Amarillis line runs from $152 to $287 and offers an ala cart selection of features ranging from construction, model, and features.

Colony Collections: A Budgeting Option

The Colony Kitchen and Colony Soft collections are the budget option of American Standard, with prices ranging from $79 to $311. They are available in polished chrome, with stems of standard or arched design.

Culinaire Collection: AS’s Top-of-the-Line

American Standard’s most luxurious collection starts at $286 and continues to $735. Featuring European styles mixed with a small bit of “American ingenuity,” this product features some of the boldest architecture of any offering, with arches, bridges, and standard models. Like The Standard, the Culinaire includes an option for pull-out faucet sprayers as well as the typical separated design.

Lakeland and Heritage Collections: Elegant Work Sinks

The Lakeland and Heritage collections run from $158 to $299 and cater to professional kitchens and bars. Available in traditional, high arch, and bar designs, they also support the pull-out sprayer option. The Lakeland is distinguished from the Heritage by its high spouts, ideal for cleaning large, unwieldy containers like blenders and pint glasses.

Product site: American Standard

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