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Car Hire Los Angeles - Car Hire Los Angeles: Drive on the Cheap, or Go in Style? - Traditional Car Rental, Limo Service

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Need a way to get around in LA? This guide will show you two of the top options for doing so: traditional car rentals, and going all-out with a nice limousine service. Enjoy!

Traditional Car Rental

Of course, the cheapest and most common way to drive around LA is to just rent yourself a car. As one of the biggest cities in America, Los Angeles has no shortage of rental company branches. To get the best deals, though, there are a few rules to follow – go through them below before you sign any rental contracts.

Like with any tourism-influenced company, rental cars’ price and availability is affected by the season. If you want a good deal, don’t travel on holidays. Don’t think like a typical tourist – try to figure out the times when most other people aren’t on vacation, and make that your vacation time.

Try finding travel deals on Priceline.com or other big travel sites. If your trip includes a stay at a hotel or a flight into town, all the better! Look for vacation deals that include all three – flight, hotel, and car! Just make sure you check the prices individually, too, to make sure that you are in fact saving money.

Are you employed by a big corporation? Ask your boss if they have a corporate membership with any of the rental car companies. Chances are, he’ll let you use it to book your own travel, too, which could save you some serious money.

Try not to rent at airports. Because they have a captive audience, many airport-located rental agencies will throw on extra fees and charges for nothing more than being conveniently located. Take a bus or taxi to a non-airport branch – there’s plenty located right around LAX.

Finally, take advantage of long-term rental deals. Many times companies will give you free days, lower fees, or other perks for renting their cars for more than a few days.

Limo Service

Sure, it’s more expensive. But if you’re looking to go big and impress, it’s hard to go wrong with a stretch limousine. Plus, you have the added bonus of having some else do the driving for you, which is even better in a complex city like LA. You don’t even need to get a crazy-big limo – you find can plenty of luxury sedan rentals at much cheaper rates.

It’s important to consider a company’s service record when choosing a limousine service. Here are two services with consistent glowing customer feedback.

LAX VIP has all the cool services you’d expect from a good limo company, including classic stretch limos, huge stretch-hummers, and even a huge limo bus that would be great for some serious parties. They offer competitive rates and cater to all of the typical functions like parties, weddings, proms, etc. But they also cater to more specialized interests, like a custom tour of wine country. How much more luxurious can you get? Their airport service rates start as low as $35, which makes luxury travel all the more accessible to all.

Paramount Limousine SVS
Paramount Limousine boasts a huge fleet of luxury vehicles to take you wherever you need to go. Their limo buses are state of the art, with a 48" big-screen, a premium sound system, ground effects, strobe lights, and fiber optic lighting throughout. Check out their “hot deals” section for special package rates on birthday, wedding, cruise, or other special-occasion rides.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick guide to car hire in Los Angeles. Whether you go traditional or go in style, we hope your trip is fun, easy, and memorable!

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