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Cutter Buck Shirts - A Bird's-Eye View of Cutter Buck Shirts - Corporate Identity, Product Features

And the History of the Company

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Located in Seattle Washington, Cutter & Buck (sometimes shortened to Cutter Buck) produces high quality shirts in addition to various other men’s and women’s ware. Cutter Buck shirts are “golf-inspired,” a corporate philosophy based on the founders’ meditations on the sport. To Cutter & Buck, golf is an enlightened sport, and it is from this core idea that its corporate identity is founded.

The history of Cutter & Buck has been one of short, steady growth punctuated by occasional controversy. Before 1995, Cutter Buck shirts were a specialty store golf shirt line rather than a brand name of their own, yet the line proved so successful that it propped up a failing company and eventually claimed its name over its ancestor.

Cutter & Buck has received mixed perceptions in the public eye. In 1999, they were one of four apparel companies to pay $1.25 million out-of-court for its use of sweat shop workers. In 2005, former CFO Stephen S. Lowber pled guilty to felony wire fraud through the company. Despite these controversies, Cutter & Buck still makes laudable efforts in organic clothing. After failing with an organic product line in 2005, they renewed their efforts in 2008 to far greater successes, earning them a reputation for having been ahead of the times in that market.

Today, Cutter Buck shirts are available in golf stores, clothing stores, and factory-direct from the company’s online store.

Product Features

No mere reds or blues here; Cutter Buck shirts come in a variety of quirkily named colors like cardinal red, paradigm (a burgundy red), and oyster. The oyster is a khaki alternative, a way to match the business casual khaki trend with more style than the seemingly uniform light khaki of most pants.

The baseline Cutter & Buck polo costs $44. Advertised as a relaxed, roomy, and durable cotton model, this shirt contains many features which are standard to every product line. These features include double-needle stitching, cross-and-lock stitch buttons, and a reinforced three button placket.

The Alliance is Cutter Buck shirts’ organic line. About $4 more expensive than similar shirts, the organic line has proven quite popular since its re-release in 2008. Their baseline organic model features a white cotton base accented blacks, oranges, purples, and greens.

The DryTec family of shirts are special poly-cotton blends built to keep the body cool and dry during vigorous activities. DryTec products range in price from $65 to $85 due to their demanding specifications, and a large number of popular Cutter Buck shirts employ this technology.

The Signature Collection is the crème de la crème of Cutter Buck shirts, featuring jacquard-loomed patterns that go a step beyond conventional textiles. Smooth, supple, and wrinkle-resistant, it is a stylish shirt costing more than $100.

Cutter & Buck also features a collection of twenty-six “big & tall” polo shirts. They are available in DryTec, but the company has yet to develop the niche-within-a-niche-within-a-niche of big & tall organic polos.

Cutter Buck shirts are readily adaptable. The company maintains a large workforce of skilled embroiderers who will position name tags, labels, special stickers, and embroidered logos for any number of shirts. The shirts are folded and sealed professionally in the same plastic polybags that cover them at retailers. This extra mile of packaging makes even custom jobs look professional, and an optional gift box can make a specialized polo look and feel like a truly rare gift.

Overall, Cutter Buck shirts are mid- to upscale, golf-inspired productions. The popularity of their DryTec line is a trustworthy representation of their consumer base: athletic, business-oriented adults looking to combine form and function into a durable, trustworthy product.

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