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Hotel Sales Jobs - Outlook and Salaries for Hotel Sales Jobs - Duties Involved in Hotel Sales Jobs, Qualifications Required for Hotel Sales Jobs

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Hotel and hospitality jobs come in many varieties. It takes several different specialists to run and administer a hotel or resort properly. Some of the most important of these are hotel sales jobs. Hotel sales managers, also called revenue managers, have many responsibilities, including overseeing and booking new regular accounts, managing cash-flow and other accounting matters, making accurate predictions on occupancy, and making recommendations for strategies involved in filling rooms during slow periods.

Duties Involved in Hotel Sales Jobs

Hotel sales managers and sales coordinators are responsible not only for maintaining the highest level of occupancy and profits, but they are also responsible for maintaining high standards in guest services. Sales managers must make great efforts to make sure their regular business accounts, group accounts, and preferred guests have the best treatment, and all of their needs are taken care of. This is done to ensure that these important accounts will return, thus creating a steady flow of revenue for the hotel.

Hotel sales managers are also responsible for bringing in new accounts. Their goals are large business accounts and group sales. These provide the hotel with the largest and steadiest profits. In slow times, the sales manager must also coordinate discounts, sales, and advertising to bring in new guests that otherwise would have passed them up for the hotel down the road. Sales meetings with potential clients can be strenuous and take a long time. Patience, persistence, and dedication to the sale are required for everyone with hotel sales jobs. Sales managers have some leeway as to what a proposal or contract includes, but often a meeting with the general manager will be required with those in hotel sales jobs that may or may not include the potential clients.

The sales manager is responsible for making sure the hotel is clean, running efficiently, and is presented in the best light at all times. More than any other hospitality position, hotel sales jobs require a person to be the face of the hotel. They are an important contact person between guests and the rest of hotel management.

Hotel sales jobs require employees to work at what may be considered odd times. Since hotels are a 24-hour business, they often work nights and weekends. In addition, they may be on call for important events or emergencies. Most people with hotel sales jobs work over 40 hours per week, but work time varies by season.

Qualifications Required for Hotel Sales Jobs

Bachelor’s degrees are usually preferred by those hiring for hotel sales jobs. Some upscale resort and hotels look for those with a master’s degree. A college education, however, is not a hard and fast requirement. Many people have gotten hotel sales jobs by working their way up from lesser positions. Hotels that do require a degree usually accept a degree in any area of study, although they prefer some sort of hospitality or business tracks. Computer training and proficiency is also very beneficial for these positions.

Several institutes also provide certificates, degrees, and vocational training especially for the hospitality industry. This training can hold a lot of weight as long as the education institution is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration.

Outlook and Salaries for Hotel Sales Jobs

As hotels become more limited in their services, hotel sales jobs are expected to experience slow job growth. Growth is projected to be only 5% through 2018. Although total hotel jobs will experience higher-than-average growth, new hotels will not require as many hotel sales jobs because of the trend in depersonalization of the industry.

The median salary for hotel sales jobs is $46,000, as of 2008. The mid-50% range is from $35,000 to $63,000.

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