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Prince Tennis Equipment - A Guide to Prince Tennis Equipment - Prince rackets, Prince shoes and apparel, Prince accessories

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Prince is one of the most well-known names in tennis, and many tennis players use Prince tennis equipment. There is a complete line of Prince tennis equipment, so anyone who loves tennis is sure to find anything he needs. However, there is one specific area of tennis equipment that has allowed Prince to get a definite leg up on the competition.

Prince rackets

One thing Prince certainly knows about is tennis rackets, and this section is the highlight of the Prince tennis equipment lineup. In fact, Prince had lost its edge several years ago, and the company’s sales were dropping fast. But unlike other sports equipment companies, Prince made a major comeback a few years ago, and the one thing that saved the company was the rackets. The Prince racket uses what the company calls “03 Technology,” and what makes Prince rackets so spectacular is the way they are strung. Instead of small holes for the strings that are not much bigger than the strings themselves, Prince uses a significantly larger hole, which allows for greater movement of strings and, consequently, a much larger sweet spot on the rackets. This technology makes Prince rackets different than other rackets, and many players, including professionals, have found much success when they switched to a Prince racket with 03 Technology.

Prince offers both performance rackets and pre-strung rackets, in addition to junior rackets, which are perfect for beginners. The performance racquets from Prince fall into three different categories. The Tour Series rackets feature incredible combinations of power and control, and some of them are made especially for players in the backcourt, while others are better for all court games. The pre-strung rackets are lightweight and geared toward better aerodynamics for a better swing. Prince tennis rackets range in price from $100 up to $300 for the ultra-professional series of rackets.

Prince shoes and apparel

Another important part of the Prince tennis equipment lineup is the apparel. Prince has a full line of tennis shoes, some of which are made for all court play, and others which are made for all of the sudden stops and starts which come with doubles play. Prince shoes come in both mens and women’s sizes and styles. Shoes within the Prince tennis equipment family range in price from $50 to $100.

In addition to shoes, the Prince tennis equipment lineup also includes complete clothing lines for both men and women. The clothing from Prince is very lightweight and aerodynamic so it will not hold the tennis player back from making his play. Prince offers everything from tennis shorts and pants for both men and women, to tennis skirts for the ladies and tennis jackets and t-shirts for both men and women. The prices of Prince apparel range from $15 for a t-shirt to $60 for a jacket.

Prince accessories

Prince tennis equipment also includes a whole host of other items that are needed for the game, everything from tennis machines to bags, grips, and strings for tennis rackets. As far as machines go, Prince offers a wide variety of stringing machines and a precision tuning center. All of these machines range in price from $700 to $3,500, depending on how many gadgets it has on it.

Bags from Prince come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional racket-shaped bag, through the larger tennis tote, which is perfect for the tennis player who just has a lot of things to carry. Prince also carries some tennis backpacks, making it easy to carry all of the needs for a tennis game right on the back. Bags from Prince typically range in price from $40 to $50.

Prince also carries its own line of tennis balls, which come in packages of various sizes. Tennis players can save a lot of money by purchasing their balls in bulk, with a regular case of 72 Prince tennis balls priced around $65.

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