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Homedics Sound Machine - Heartbeats, Rain, and Summer Nights: HoMedics Sound Machines

soundspa® model noise product

HoMedics is a wellness company that provides small- to medium-sized electronics with a focus on relaxation and healing. The HoMedics lines of sound machines are small audio devices which generate white noise for the sake of restful sleep.

The SoundSpa® is the basic HoMedics sound machine. This $20 product features six white noise tracks: ocean, summer night, rain, rain forest, waterfall, and heartbeat. A compact design makes it as portable as a CD player but without the possibility of scratching thanks to its digital memory. Lastly, an auto-off timer allows parents to use the product conservatively—the sound machine equivalent of an alarm clock sleep function.

The SoundSpa® Lullaby is HoMedics’ baby version of their standard design. This model features six sound tracks, beginning with lullabies like “Twinkle, Twinkle” and ending with the same white noise options as the SoundSpa®. A rotating picture projector provides images of fish, animals, or stars rotating on the walls and ceiling. The illusory mobile does not add to the price of the model (still $20), but it does add considerably to its bulk. It also includes the auto-off timer described above.

The SoundSpa® Sunrise contains all the features of the base model, but it simulates more than just noise. Plugged in to a conventional lamp, it serves as an intricate dimmer, using automated control of the lamp to create a “Wake to Dawn Simulator” as a surreal alarm clock. Though the product does include standard radio and beep alarms, a buyer of this product is most likely doing so to wake up to simulated bird sounds, gradually increasing light, and the fluttering of trees in the wind. The increased complexity of this task increases the model cost to $50.

The most upscale model of HoMedics sound machines is the SoundSpa® Fusion. For $60, this model adds an iPod and more impressive speakers to the basic design. The Fusion is built to receive an iPod Nano®, playing the users own audio collection in addition to the built-in sound features. The iPod is integrated into a fully functional alarm system, similar to the Sunrise but without the dimmer. Its design is round and clean, with soft corners and a changeable faceplate to match the iPod Nano® being holstered. A basic line in cable also allows other sound devices like CD players and mp3s in addition to the device for which it was designed.

Every one of their SoundSpa® products enjoys above average consumer reviews, but two weaknesses tend to come up regularly: fragility and repetitive tracks. For one, the product is fairly fragile compared to similar sound devices. In fact, most of its bad reviews come from dissatisfied customers for whom the speakers gave up within a few weeks of purchase, resulting in squealing and static. In HoMedics’ defense, they willingly replace malfunctioning returns. The other major problem of HoMedics sound machines are in the repetitiveness of their tracks. Most users are put right to sleep by the track; some, however, cannot help but hear the subtle seam between the start and stop of the white noise track.

Overall, HoMedic sound machines are simple but clever products that range in price from $20 to $60. Careful buyers should save their receipt on this one, as the SoundSpa® is not known for its durability. As for the effectiveness of the white noise itself, reactions range from peaceful sleep to eye-twitching insomnia. Nonetheless, HoMedics sound machines may be worth exploring in cases of bedtime sleeplessness.

(248) 863 3000
3000 North Pontiac Trail
Commerce Township, MI
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