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Air Trans Airlines - All about Air Trans Airlines - The History of Air Trans Airlines, Flights operated by Air Trans Airlines

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Air Trans Airlines is officially called Air Tran Airways, although many people mistakenly call it Air Trans Airlines or Air Tran Airlines. Air Trans Airlines is actually a collection of several airlines, and today it provides low cost flights all over the world.

The History of Air Trans Airlines

Air Trans Airlines came directly from ValuJet Airlines, which was founded in 1992 by former executives from Southern Airways and workers from Eastern Airlines. Originally, Air Trans Airlines only provided flights to and from Orlando. After the success of that one flight, the airline then began to purchase other airlines, building a name for itself. After just a couple of years in business, Air Trans Airlines was flying to 24 different cities. Today there are more than 1,000 flights operated by Air Tran Airlines.

Flights operated by Air Trans Airlines

About a third of the flights that are operated by Air Trans Airlines fly out of the Atlanta airport, although the company’s headquarters is in Orlando. The airline opened a second hub in 2010 at the airport in Milwaukee. Air Tran flies all over the United States and also operates several fights to and from airports in the Caribbean. .

Air Trans Airlines customer reviews

The airline industry is very competitive these days, and many people want to know what others are saying about Air Trans Airlines. Of course there are the few travelers who say flying with Air Trans was the worst experience they have ever had, but the greatest majority of travelers with Air Trans say they prefer this airline over other airlines. Customers say the flights are usually on time and that there is plenty of room in the cabin for carry-on luggage. Customers also say Air Trans Airlines provides a lot of value for the money because the flights are less expensive overall than some of the other airlines. Also the Airline Quality Ratings ranked Air Trans Airlines as the number one low-cost airline.

Features offered by Air Trans Airlines

In addition to the value, many customers also enjoy the features offered on Air Trans flights. The airline offers all travelers XM satellite radio on all of its flights, along with Wi-Fi for all passengers on all flights. The airline does charge some extra fees for travelers who want to choose certain types of seats. The fees are $6 for an aisle or window seat and $20 for an exit row seat, which typically has more leg room. If passengers wait until it is less than 24 hours before their flight, Air Trans does allow them to book specific types of seats without paying these fees.

Also some customers have been enjoying the partnership between Air Trans Airlines and Frontier Airlines, which allowed them to earn frequent flyer miles within one program for both airlines. However, this partnership ends in 2010 because Air Tran and Frontier now will both be offering service out of the Milwaukee airport. This is the first time the two airlines have offered competing flights in the same market.

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