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Bad Credit Loans Canada - Important Facts about Bad Credit Loans in Canada - Unsecured loans in Canada, Secured bad credit loans in Canada

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Even consumers who have bad credit are able to get loans in Canada, but there are some important things that need to be understood about bad credit loans in Canada. Of course there are not a lot of options for bad credit loans in Canada, but simply knowing about the few options that are available can mean the difference between being able to secure a loan and not. There are two different types of loans that are available in Canada, although it is highly unlikely that people looking for bad credit loans will be able to secure one of the two types.

Unsecured loans in Canada

The first type of loan is an unsecured loan, which basically means that there is no collateral on the loan. Collateral is property or a vehicle that the borrower puts up to the lender as part of his promise to pay the loan back. If the borrower does not pay the loan back, then the lender gets to keep the property or vehicle. Usually bad credit loans in Canada do not take the form of unsecured loans because the borrower has already shown lenders that she has trouble paying loans back. However, there may be an occasional case of bad credit which does allow a borrower to take out a small unsecured loan. These types of bad credit loans in Canada typically have a very high interest rate. Also some debt consolidation loans are unsecured loans. A debt consolidation loan basically happens when the borrower takes out a sum of money in order to pay all of his creditors off and bring his payments to just one lender.

Secured bad credit loans in Canada

The greatest majority of bad credit loans in Canada fall into the secured category. This means that the borrower has put up some collateral to back the loan up. One very common form of a secured bad credit loan is a home equity loan, which requires the borrower to use her home as collateral on the loan. Usually even secured bad credit loans in Canada will have a high interest rate, simply because the lender is taking a much larger risk by loaning to someone who has a history of not paying his lenders back on time.

The benefits of bad credit loans in Canada

While the high interest rate may be enough to scare many people with bad credit away, there are a few reasons why they might want to seek out bad credit loans in Canada. The most common reason is to rebuild credit. Borrowers who are determined to rebuild their credit rating should certainly consider taking out bad credit loans to do so, but only if they will definitely be able to make all of the payments on time. A bad credit loan can only help rebuild credit if every single payment is on time. Borrowers with bad credit who are not sure that they will be able to make every single payment on time should avoid loans altogether.

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