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Translate From Spanish To English - Resources Available to Translate from Spanish to English - Google Translate, Spanish Dict, SDL Free Translation

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People across the world are uniting more than ever before, and this has created the need for language translations like new ways to translate from Spanish to English and translate English to Spanish. Thankfully, the internet has provided many language solutions to help out with the printed word, like an English to Spanish translator (commonly misspelled translater). Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways to translate Spanish into English and vice versa.

Google Translate

One of the newest and most popular ways to translate Spanish to English is Google Translate. This website allows several different ways to do a Spanish to English translate and an English to Spanish translate for free. One way to translate from Spanish to English involves simply pasting the URL into the box provided. Google Translate will also allow users to paste a particular text into the box and run it through a Spanish English translator. Google offers more than 50 different languages for its translator. It also offers users the ability to actually upload a document and have Google translate from Spanish to English. The only problem with Google Translate is the fact that it is fairly automated, which means that sometimes the translations will not be as exact as they would be if a person was doing the translating.

Spanish Dict

Spanish Dict, the self-proclaimed “world’s largest Spanish learning website,” also offers a few different ways to translate from Spanish to English. Like Google Translate, the website offers a text box to paste text into, and the site will then translate from Spanish to English. However, unlike Google Translate, this website only works for those who want to translate from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish. No other language translations are offered because it is largely a Spanish language learning site. Also one extra feature that Spanish Dict does have is the ability to look up a single Spanish word in a Spanish English dictionary. This website is a very handy free reference for anyone who is trying to learn Spanish.

SDL Free Translation

SDL Free Translation is very similar to Google Translate, although it offers a lot more features, including the option to have an actual human English to Spanish translator. This website allows users to copy and paste text or a website URL into a text box and have it translated. In addition to these copy and paste translation services, the website also offers additional products like translation of MS Word documents or emails. There is also a PDF translator and translation available through AOL chat. SDL Free Translation also offers widgets, Facebook applications, and browser tools that will help even more with the process of English Spanish translation. SDL Free Translation really does pull out all the stops when it comes to offering free services, and it also offers plenty of additional services for paying members, like the ability to have large blocks of 10,000 words translated all at once. A platinum subscription with these extra services is only $10 per year.

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