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Charlotte New Homes - Buying New Homes in Charlotte - Prices of New Homes in Charlotte

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Charlotte is the county seat of Mecklenburg County and the largest city in North Carolina. The population of Charlotte is 756,912 with 1,745,524 in the metropolitan area. Charlotte is called “Queen City,” a tradition started because it was named after Princess Charlotte, Queen to King George III of England. Charlotte began in 1755 when the area was first settled. The city was first made up of a large proportion of Irish and German immigrants, and the city was officially incorporated in 1768. Today, Charlotte is extremely diverse and vibrant, having 200 neighborhoods within its borders. The city is known for having beautiful landscapes enmeshed in the cityscape. It is often listed as one of, if not the, best place to live in the U.S. Some of the organizations to give Charlotte this honor include CNN, Self Magazine, Prevention Magazine, Relocate-America, and Forbes has said the real estate is some of the most undervalued in the country.

Prices of New Homes in Charlotte

With so many positive attributes, it is no wonder that there are so many new homes in Charlotte, North Carolina. Neighborhoods continue to expand and new subdivisions are always being added. As it exists today, there are just over 230,000 total housing units with over 11,000 existing homes currently up for sale. The median price of those homes is $180,000. Charlotte also has a number of foreclosures on the market, 4,800 to be precise, at a median price of $130,000. Charlotte new homes go for just over the existing home amount at $203,000. There are approximately 1,500 new homes to choose from. Charlotte remains in a buyer’s market and trends show that existing home sales are increasing at 20% above the previous year.

New Homes in Charlotte Offer Great Mortgage Rates

Home buyers in Charlotte are taking advantage of some of the best mortgage rates in 60 years. The interest rates and home availability have combined to give the buyer a lot of negotiating power not only for existing homes, but also for new homes in Charlotte. New homes now can be purchased for affordable prices and with extremely low monthly mortgage payments on a 30-year term.

Neighborhoods with Charlotte New Homes

Several areas in Charlotte are experiencing new home development. Condominiums are becoming quite popular, along with luxury single-family houses. Some of the areas with new development include the following:

• Tufton Brae is near SouthPark , next to Pillips Place and Carmel Country Club. A new high-end development of six lots offers wooded estates for the more affluent of Charlotte. Some of the city’s most prestigious builders are constructing new homes here.
• South of Colony Road is The Mayfair, a new housing development amid established subdivisions. The grounds are immaculately landscaped, and there are five floor plans available in the gated community. Each home has three bedrooms.
• Southgate on Fairview is a new condominium in one of Charlotte’s most popular shopping areas. One, two, and three-bedroom units are available with amenities such as hardwood floors, gas fireplaces, and ten-foot ceilings.
• Tranquil Court on Selwyn also has a new condominium building. This one has 104 units and is next to Myers Park. One and two bedroom units have wood finishes, granite countertops, and come fully equipped with stainless steel appliances.

Charlotte new homes can also be found in several other communities and neighborhoods throughout the city:

• Charleston Place
• Heritage Landing
• Riviera-Shea Homes
• Stratford Lakes
• Swann’s Mill
• Terraces at Townhall
• Barrington-Shea Homes
• Willow Creek
• and many more

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