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Cruise Line Deals - How to Find the Best Cruise Line Deals - General Strategy to Get the Best Cruise Line Deal

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Do you have a hankering for the high seas and a penchant for luxury? Then my friend, a cruise is the only way to go for your next vacation! Of course, they can be pricey, especially when you go for longer sailings or on top-luxury lines. But not to worry. No matter which line you decide to take, this guide to cruise line deals will show you how to get the bottom-dollar deal for your next nautical vacation.

General Strategy to Get the Best Cruise Line Deal

First, just like with any kind of travel, if you want to get the cheapest rates, you need to avoid the biggest travel seasons! Avoid peak holiday times during the Summer, or just avoid Summer altogether if you can help it. (Doesn’t it feel more like a vacation to go from somewhere cold to a nice tropical destination, anyway?) And don’t even think about going during Christmas or New Year’s. Go one or two weeks after busy holiday cruises, though, and you’ll be surprised at how cheap they become.

Don’t book your cruise until you have shopped around. Sometimes a third party site will end up with the best deal. Sometimes it will be a promotion directly through the cruise line. Before you shell out your hard-earned money, be sure to check the price of your specific cruise on at least four different sites. (Don’t worry, we’ll make that part easy for you.)

Many times last-minute cruise prices can go down dramatically, because the cruise line gets desperate to fill up cabins on particularly empty ships. If you can, book within the same month that you leave, especially if you have planned your cruise for a low-travel period. But you do need flexibility in your schedule to be able to do this – you aren’t guaranteed of getting a great last-minute price on a particular cruise, so you may find yourself changing your plans at the last minute.

Now, on to specific tools you can use to find great deals!

Sign On with the Cruise Lines

One good way to keep your finger on the pulse of cruise pricing is to simply sign up for an email list with your favorite cruise lines. Just go to the cruise line’s official site and look for a email list or promotion notification service – just about every line has one. If you don’t know what line you want to cruise with, find out more about each line by reading customer reviews and looking at their sites – major lines include Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Celebrity, Holland America, and Norwegian.

Cruise lines will send you news about deals and promotions – some that are unlisted – that you can use to find a great deal for your next trip. Sometimes the perks and promotions are even good enough to justify paying a little more for the ticket itself. But still be sure to weigh the benefits carefully and do your research on third-party sites first.

Find Cruise Line Deals on VacationsToGo.com

VacationsToGo.com is a great place to look up special deals on cruises. They have a 90-day ticker that shows cruises from all lines that are departing within the next 90 days – a great tool for last-minute cruise planning! They offer great deals on ticket prices, and many times they include extra promotions like onboard credits, room upgrades, etc. If you wish, you can sign up for a newsletter that will keep you informed of new cruise deals every week or so. Also, by looking at the big picture, you can get a sense for when cruise lines can offer their best deals. If you already have an idea of what you’re looking for, use their search tools to narrow down your cruise choices to the ones that will fit you best.

Mass-Search on Kayak.com

Use Kayak.com to do your major price-checking on specific cruises. Simply enter the cruise information and hit “search”, and Kayak will look at prices from the cruise line(s) as well as five major third-party sites. This saves you a ton of trouble when doing your price-checking, because Kayak does all the work for you! By using this service, you can ensure that you find the absolute rock-bottom price for your dream vacation.

That’s it for this guide to finding cruise line deals online. Follow these steps to ensure that you live it up on the high seas without breaking the bank!

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