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Land For Sale In Tennessee - How to Find Land for Sale in Tennessee - Farmland for sale in Tennessee, Hunting land for sale in Tennessee

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Tennessee is a beautiful state that includes plenty of open spaces and a bit of the Smoky Mountains. Land for sale in Tennessee is just as varied as the people who are searching for it, and the prices are widely varied also. The prices typically depend on what is on the land and what part of Tennessee it is located in. Most realtors divide land for sale in Tennessee into four different categories.

Farmland for sale in Tennessee

Of course Tennessee is full of acres of farmland, and much of it is for sale. Farmland in Tennessee can range from just a few aces up into the hundreds of acres, and some of it has water sources like creeks on it. Others are more wooded areas, which will need to be cleared before the land will truly be ready for a farm. Most of the farmland for sale in Tennessee does not have any buildings on it, although some of the properties do have a farmhouse or a barn on them. Most farmland in Tennessee sells for $2,000 to $10,000 per acre.

Hunting land for sale in Tennessee

Hunting is also very popular in Tennessee, and there is a lot of land for sale in Tennessee that is being sold for the purpose of hunting. Some of these hunting properties even have cabins on the property, which makes them the perfect getaway for the hunter who likes to have it all. Most of these properties are either largely wooded or have areas that are largely wooded, and some of them do have a creek. A few are being sold with the purpose of either being a hunting property or a farm property. Most hunting land in for sale in Tennessee sells for between $2,000 and $10,000, much like the farmland.

Fishing land for sale in Tennessee

In addition to hunting, fishing is also very popular in Tennessee, and many properties are perfect for the avid fisherman who does not want to share his fishing spot with anyone. The best thing about the fishing land for sale in Tennessee is the fact that much of it can be used for more than one purpose. This means it is very easy for fishermen to find property that has wide, open spaces for farming and plenty of waterfront for fishing. There are even some properties that are smaller and made up of only water areas, which is a great way for a fisherman to have his own private fishing hole. Fishing land for sale in Tennessee is usually priced higher than hunting land or farmland. Some fishing properties that are less than one acre are selling for $30,000, and land that has multiple uses scales toward the upper end of $10,000 per acre.

Investment property for sale in Tennessee

The fourth category of land for sale in Tennessee is a bit subjective, and it can include any of the first three types of properties or other kinds of properties. Investment property is truly about what the buyer envisions for the land, and the prices for this type of land in Tennessee can vary so widely that a price range just can’t be put on it.

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