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Battery Christmas Lights - Tips for using battery Christmas lights

holiday decorating electric string

Christmas lights can finally travel where no Christmas lights have gone before—in rooms without enough electrical outlets. It is true. No more ugly cords, no more popping circuit breakers and no more electric meters spinning out of control. Battery Christmas lights are the latest rage in decorating for the holidays.

The convenience of battery Christmas lights outweighs the higher price tag. Just imagine how Clark Griswold could have expanded his holiday decorating themes with battery operated lights. Without the complex process of plugging in cords, his holiday stress may not have reached the breaking point. Other than the impact on fictional characters, battery Christmas lights can also reduce stress for the typical holiday decorator. Now lights can be strung on banisters and fire place mantels without worrying about the location of an outlet. The convenient feature of batteries will allow Christmas lights—or lights for any occasion to become mobile. Those blinking noses on Rudolf the Reindeer costumes might expand into entire ensembles designed around a string of battery Christmas lights. Just imagine the possibilities.

The quality of battery Christmas lights is an improvement over strings of electric lights. LED battery lights are supposed to be 2-3 brighter than traditional lights plugged in. In addition to improved illumination, LED features provide a longer life span for battery Christmas lights, another point in favor of the product. LED lights use slight battery power enabling more seasons of decorative lighting. Cordless lights are also available using solar energy to power the lights. Consider the quality and longer life feature when determining if the increased price is worth it.

The creative ideas and flexibility provided through use of battery Christmas lights should inspire fans of Christmas decorating. All the craft ideas from those home shows and celebrities on TV can be attainable when cords are no longer part of the picture. For example, battery operated lights can be wrapped around wreaths on fence posts or other outdoor items where electric lights weren’t practical. You could even go crazy with gift wrapping packages by using a string of battery lights to loop around a present instead of the traditional ribbons and bows. Endless project ideas are limited only by your imagination.

Safety is another obvious benefit of battery Christmas lights. More trees can grace rooms throughout homes without overloading circuits. A tiny tree in a child’s room or in an unusual location like a bathroom can help the holiday spirit without the danger of combining water and electrical current. Places where OSHA rules and other safety guidelines once restricted decorating with lights can now join the festivities. No more house fires will start due to a spark from a string of faulty lights making the holidays safer.

With most new products there is a downside. Battery Christmas lights are no different. Consumers will need to spend more money to purchase battery operated lights to replace the old electrical lights. Then there is the matter of the millions of old string lights stored in closets throughout the globe. The next challenge might be how to recycle or reuse those tons of excess electric lights.

If you are interested in joining the latest trend in holiday decorating ideas, check on line or in local stores for battery operated lights. If you are patient and wait for sales or post holiday clearances, the purchases price is much less adding up to substantial savings.

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