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Women's Water Shoes - Trendy Women's Water Shoes

women’s foot sunkosi available

Women’s water shoes are perfect to wear when completing any activity where the wearer’s feet will get wet, whether this is swimming, boating, or any other water based sport or activity. Typically these are made of materials such as mesh and neoprene that drain easily and are not uncomfortable when they are wet. Materials that retain too much water or will rub when wet will be uncomfortable for the wearer and cause blisters. The soles are traditionally a thick, hard textured rubber that protects the foot from stepping on sharp objects or slipping on wet ground. The soles also have small holes to allow water to drain out. This keeps the water from building up inside the shoe, which would make the shoe heavy and uncomfortable for the wearer.

In the past, women’s water shoes were only worn out of necessity. They were never intended to be a stylish piece of footwear. In fact, women’s water shoes were typically only available in one design – a black shoe with a colored stripe down the top. Choosing a color for the top was usually the only option that was available in women’s water shoes, and even then the color selections were highly limited to only three or four. Because of this, many people would only wear women’s water shoes when they absolutely needed to, and would wear other, more stylish shoes to and from wherever they went.

Fortunately, times have changed. Now, women’s water shoes are available in many different colors and styles to match any bathing suit or other attire. Women now have the freedom to select a women’s water shoe that they love. Because of this, increasingly more people are wearing their women’s water shoes longer and to more places than just in the pool. In fact, some women’s water shoes designs are so cute and trendy, the average person would not even realize that they are water shoes. The following are two examples of the trendy women’s water shoes available this summer.

Keen Roatan
Keen Roatan women’s water shoes are a twist on the classic Mary Jane shoe. However, the traditional strap that goes across the top of the foot is now an elastic piece that runs asymmetrically across the foot. Not only does this add a bit of flair to the design, it also helps keep the women’s water shoe held securely on the foot. The lateral support system in the Keen Roatan provides arch support to the foot, keeping the wearer comfortable as she walks around the pool or beach. The rubber sole wraps up over the toes, making the shoe sturdier and protecting the wearer’s toes if she accidentally bumps into a beach chair or umbrella. These gorgeous women’s water shoes are available in many stunning colors, including indigo, mimosa, brown, black, and sage. The Keen Roatan also looks great with a pair of jeans, meaning this women’s water shoe will be seeing a lot more wear than just around the pool.

Teva Sunkosi 2
Based on the popular Teva Sunkosi, the Teva Sunkosi 2 is a hot selling women’s water shoe designed with adventure in mind. Classified as “amphibious”, these women’s water shoes aim to be as great on land as they are in the water. The Teva Sunkosi 2 is designed after the classic athletic tennis shoes with modifications to make it the perfect women’s water shoe. It is comfortable and fits the foot well. The rubber used is Teva’s patented spider rubber, which is extremely durable, while providing excellent traction that is perfect for walking safely on wet ground. These shoes are designed to last for many years of heavy use. As with other women’s water shoes, the Sunkosi 2 is designed to drain water easily and dry quickly. Instead of using traditional tennis shoe laces, the shoe uses a stretch bungee cord with a slider. This allows the shoe to be taken on and off quickly and hassle free. The lacing also uses side bands that connect the mid-foot to the top as an additional measure to fasten the shoe tightly. The Teva Sunkosi 2 is designed with an active life in mind, whether the day’s adventures end up on land or in water.

As shown by these designs, women’s water shoes have come a long way since their humble beginnings. There are many other trendy women’s water shoes on the market for those looking for more than just a shoe to throw on at the pool.

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