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Slant Fin Humidifier - What is a Slant Fin humidifier, how does it work, and what are its benefits?

water air ultraviolet light

The benefits of humidifiers are well known: the moisture they put into the air decreases the incidence of colds and infections of the nasal, throat, and upper chest area. A Slant Fin dual process warm mist humidifier puts germ free moisture into the air to relieve both allergy and asthma symptoms. To open up breathing passages further by breaking up congestion, medication such as Vicks or other comparable decongestants can be added with the medicine cup provided with the Slant Fin humidifier. People who use such a humidifier over the long term report far fewer colds than those who do not. In the cold of winter, dryness is a problem. Humidifiers help to moisturize the skin tissues as well, leading to less itching and scaling of the skin in general.

All humidifiers add moisture to the air, using either a cool or warm process. Humidity aids respiration and decreases symptoms of allergies and asthma. The Slant Fin humidifier works with either cool or warm mist to add moisture to the air within an enclosed area. Slant Fin technology combines boiling water with ultraviolet light to send totally germ-free moisture into the air. Ultraviolet light is used in hospitals to keep the environment as germ free as possible. For hospitals, keeping the area germ free becomes more important when patients are kept for prolonged periods where the risks of infections increase. Ultraviolet light destroys harmful organisms when it is shined on them. When the ultraviolet light is turned on and shines on a container of water, any harmful organisms within the water are destroyed. There are no molds, bacteria, or fungus in the water then used in the humidifier which sends the moist air into the surrounding area. Sufferers of allergies and asthma may safely breathe the humidified air with no adverse consequences. The Slant Fin warm mist humidifier can humidify a room of about 400 square feet. Another Slant Fin model designed for much larger areas uses cool mist with the same ultraviolet light germ destruction.

Hard water and mineral content of water is dealt with by the addition of a mineral absorption pad. Such a pad filters out all minerals, keeping the air free of mineral dust that may cause breathing difficulties. The mineral absorption pad can last up to three weeks, unless the water used in the humidifier is very hard water. In this case, the pad will need to be replaced either when it no longer is soft and pliable or when scale deposits appear on the walls of the humidifier. The ultraviolet light acts on the water to kill germs before the boiling process begins, so the humidified water being released is safe. A simpler way to reduce mineral buildup is to use distilled water in the humidifier.

Some of the Slant Fin humidifiers have been discontinued, but the Enviracaire EWM-2110 Slant Fin Humidifier is available for a price of about $105. It can operate for up to 24 hours on a water fill, and has the dual boiling water and ultraviolet light germ killing feature. Humidity level can be set with the control and the automatic shut off keeps the unit safe. It has a medication cup for adding healing treatment to the air. Mineral absorption pads can be used with this humidifier, replaceable as needed.

Larger models of Slant Fin humidifiers will cover the spacious areas of office buildings and hotels or even industrial spaces, where air can become quite dry from the processes and paperwork being carried out. Even at top prices, the units are very affordable and durable. With replacement mineral absorption pads, replacement ultraviolet bulbs and the use of remote controls, the Slant Fin humidifiers can last for quite a long time with regular cleaning using vinegar and water. The result is that the environment is much healthier for pennies a day. Since breathing is easier, and allergies less aggravated, the energy levels of the people in the humidified space is higher. Less fatigue is a nice side benefit of humidified air. To find the best Slant Fin humidifier for your needs, know the square footage of the area you want to humidify and the features you want to include. With that in mind, you are on your way to better breathing.

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