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Despite the prediction of technologists worldwide, the fax machine has remained a viable and popular form of communication. Although it is unclear as to why so many businesses cling to this archaic device, it is extremely clear that their stubbornness has led those who are advancing into the age of the internet to adopt new ways to send and receive faxes without the use of a fax machine.

Sending faxes from a computer or sending a fax to a computer is a simple matter in this day and age. Software and hardware companies have long provided the means to and ability to operate a computer fax machine. Having a stand-alone unit for sending and receiving faxes is outdated when a computer can do everything a fax machine and so much more. It is also much more convenient as with a computer, faxing is on-demand, and received faxes can be kept in a digital format instead of having to deal with sheets of paper.

Although a virtual computer fax machine can be used to send and receive faxes, most businesses and individuals will use them primarily for sending faxes to someone who does not accept emails. It is much more efficient to use applications that can send PDF documents to be sent by email. Sending a fax to a computer is counterproductive.

Ways to Create a Computer Fax Machine

There are several methods of sending and receiving faxes using a computer. Some of them are easy to set up and use, while others take a little bit more knowledge of the internal workings of computers and network servers.

Email Faxing

Email fax services were once very popular. Even though they still exist, they have fallen out of favor for other methods with more intuitive user interfaces. Companies that provide email faxing charge a fee. The fee is usually in the form of a monthly service plan, but some charge by fax sent and received. The company allows you to register your email address, and then, you send the document in either the body of the email or an as attachment along with the telephone number of the receiver’s fax machine. The company then converts the attachment or email into fax form and sends it on through the telephone network to the receiving fax number.

Internet Faxing

Internet faxing is the most popular form of service. Internet faxing is offered free by some companies for limited service. Fee-based internet faxing offers complete faxing services and is billed as a monthly plan or on a per-fax basis. To use internet faxing, you just go to the designated company website and you fill out the form with sender information and receiver information. You then simply upload your document to send. Internet fax services accept documents in a number of file formats including PDF, Word DOC, RTF, TXT, or HTML. A text window is also available for writing faxes on the fly or adding notes.

Computer Internet Fax Applications

This type of service converts your PC or laptop into a virtual computer fax machine. It is a fee-based service that requires you to install a dedicated application for sending and receiving faxes through the internet. These services were once common, but many have converted to the easier-to-use browser-based service.

Fax Modem Computer Applications

This form of sending and receiving faxes requires your computer to have an old-style phone-line modem. After connecting a phone line, the computer can then be used to send faxes directly over the phone network. Some of these services require a fee, but many are free. The only charge is the price the phone call from your regular home telephone company. Windows operating systems come with their own fax applications.

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