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Lake Havasu City Home - Lake Havasu City Home Guide - Outlook on Lake Havasu, Lake Havasu City Statistics, Lake Havasu City Neighborhoods

average access havasu’s population

Does your home search have your eye resting on Lake Havasu? It’s hard to top this Arizona paradise for a great friendly atmosphere, but like any city it has its ups and downs. Summers in Arizona can be extremely hot, with temperatures reaching the 120’s. However, it’s a dry heat, so some find even the hottest Arizona days preferable to 80’s and 90’s in more humid locations. And when you really need to cool off, you have the beautiful Lake Havasu right there all around you. Tourists come to the lake year-round to enjoy the beautiful beaches and water sports there. Many also come to see one of America’s most out-of-place landmarks, the London Bridge! It was dismantled and shipped here to the States by oil entrepreneur Robert P. McCulloch, and today it stands over the Bridgewater Canal just off Lake Havasu.

If you’re planning a move to Lake Havasu, first check out The City of Lake Havasu’s official website for valuable information on property taxes, local government, jobs and other details. And if you’re curious about what there is to do for fun at your new potential destination, check out Lake Havasu’s official City Convention & Visitor’s Bureau web page.

Lake Havasu City Statistics

Both violent and property crime in Lake Havasu City are much lower than the state’s average rates. Violent crimes affect 0.18% of the population as opposed to Arizona’s average of 0.5%, and property crime affects 2.99% as opposed to the state’s 4.63%. These low crime rates contribute to the overall family-friendly image that Lake Havasu City has cultivated, and makes it a favored destination for family vacations. 64% of Lake Havasu City’s population are married.

The average household income for Lake Havasu City is below Arizona’s average, but the average income per capita is slightly above it. This reflects smaller household sizes in Lake Havasu City. The majority of the population is in their 40’s or higher, and the highest percentage share is people over 70, who take 17.4%.

Lake Havasu City Neighborhoods

Here is a brief look at different areas of Lake Havasu City and what they can offer home buyers.

Ocean Access
You can find many reasonably-priced houses for sale on the small peninsula that forms Thompson Bay, with homes starting around $100k. They give you great lake views and easy access to the Havasu Island Golf Course – just look for anything near Beachcomber Blvd to see what’s available to you. Just think about it – you could cross the London Bridge every day to get to work!

School Choice
The place to go for ease of access to a diversity of schools is central Lake Havasu City. But don’t let that frighten you – there are many reasonably-priced homes for sale right the heart of town, starting at around $125k. Look for anything along McCulloch Blvd N on the west side of town. Also keep in mind that Lake Havasu City also offers a large variety of private religious schools that you may be interested in, some of which are more remotely located, so this may change your home search plan.

If you’d rather have access to Lake Havasu’s beauty without so much of the hustle and bustle in the main part of town, head just a few miles north on 95 to find the small township of Desert Hills. It can be a great alternative for those seeking a little more privacy and a little more open space. Desert hills has neighborhoods that can meet just about any budget, ranging from under $100k to the high $400’s, and it houses a golf club known as “The Refuge”.

That’s it for this Lake Havasu City Home Buying Guide. We hope this guide has helped you get a better picture of Lake Havasu City as a whole, so you can make a well-informed, happiness-producing home purchase that will work for you!

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