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Industrial Work Bench - Industrial Work Bench Buying Guide - Where to Look for an Industrial Work Bench

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For those who consider themselves handy and feel good with power tools in their hands, no workspace is complete without a strong, industrial work bench. You do not have to be a professional carpenter or craftsman to buy an industrial work bench. You just have to want quality products for your hobby. There is nothing worse than spending a weekend of woodworking on a small, wobbly work bench that buckles under the tap of a hammer. Another great quality of an industrial work bench is that it can be used for multiple purposes. Even if you spend most of your time simply assembling light crafts, a good work bench is there for those times when you set your sights at more complex projects.

A wide variety of industrial-strength work benches are available for sale. These are made in factories or by hand in all corners of the world. Experts will say that European work benches are of the best quality. While this may be generally true, it is also true that they are the most expensive. If you have $2,000 to $3,000 to drop on a high-end, imported work bench, then by all means, go ahead. More power to you. If you are like most of us, that price tag cannot be justified when an American-built bench can be found of equal durability for one-third the amount.

The standards of most people in need of an industrial work bench can be met by spending from $200 to $1,000, depending on exactly what it is you require. Quality industrial work benches are usually made of a metal base, while the top can be made of metal or hard wood.

Where to Look for an Industrial Work Bench

When you first decide that you need to purchase an industrial work bench, you will want to view what is available near you. It is always best to look at them in person to discover exactly what will meet your needs. Good places to start shopping for an industrial work bench are big-box home-building stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. Another good source for gathering information is a local Sears. When looking, you should be examining such details as measurements, features, construction materials, and prices. Find an employee who is knowledgeable about these items and ask them any questions that come to mind.

Once you have done some personal inspection at local stores, you may be able to find better prices at online stores. Amazon is always a good place to start looking when shopping online. After Amazon, take a look at any number of the specialized work bench dealers online. Two great resources to watch for online are A Plus Warehouse, 1-800-Buy-Rack, and Formaspace. If you prefer to search for others, look for leading brands, such as Black & Decker, Tennsco, ValuMaster, Rhino, Edsal, Lyons, and Penco. Also, if you plan on searching be aware that there are multiple spellings that may yield different results. Some called them industrial work benches while others use the compound word industrials workbenches. Both are equally acceptable.

The Best Industrial Work Bench

One conclusion that many reach when looking to buy an industrial work bench is that none of the prefabricated/manufactured work benches are all that special. If you did a search to look for information online, you no doubt have discovered that the term work bench is often accompanied with another word – plans.

If you have not already come to this conclusion, the answer is that the best industrial work bench is the one you make yourself. Many reputable wood working magazines and carpentry websites have plans available on how to construct your own industrial work bench. If you already know the basics of carpentry, you can even go off the design to build a custom work bench that suits your needs and space perfectly.

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