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35mm Slide Scanners - 35mm Film Slide Scanners - Consumer Options for 35mm Film Slide Scanners, Low-end Slide Scanners

Options and Features

lower time quality dpi

Although fewer and fewer photographers use 35mm film, those that do, along with those who want to find convenient ways to store their older pictures or slides on computers, will be interested in 35mm slide scanners. While those who want to convert their pictures to computer images often take the time to scan developed photos one at a time, slide scanner provide the dual advantage of saving time and providing more options for the storage and improvement of the pictures. These scanners operate much like traditional scanner/copiers; however, they are equipped with a transparent materials adapter. This device allows a photo negative or slide to be captured as if it were a developed picture.

Consumer Options for 35mm Film Slide Scanners

When looking for a 35mm slide scanners, the consumer has several options. The price for these scanners can range anywhere from over $2000 for a high-end model to $40 for a basic at-home device.

Low-end Slide Scanners

Some of the low end models include the ScanPro Digital FilmScanner. This device is able to scan strips of 6 negative frames or 3 slides at a time and produce images of about 5 megapixels on a computer. It has an image resolution of about 3600 dpi. Although its list price is $94.95, it can be purchased for $39.95 from sites like Buy.com. Similar lower-end scanners are also available from companies such as SVP and OPTEX.

Mid-range Slide Scanners

Mid-range 35mm slide scanners are sometimes difficult to find. However, the best bet for someone who is looking for a 35mm scanner that is more reliable than the lower priced (and usually lower quality) models that are under $100 is probably the HP Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner or the Epson Perfection v600 Photo Color Scanner. Both of these products are available for less than the list prices at amazon.com. They both have scan resolutions of 3600-4600 dpi. Although the colors are not as vibrant as a high-end professional scanner, they offer more than sufficient quality for consumers who are scanning 35mm film for personal use and film preservation.

High-end Slide Scanners

For those who want to 35mm cans with a professional-quality image should expect to pay $1500-2000 for slide scanner. While there are several options for the high-end scanners, perhaps the best product is the Nikon Super COOLSCAN 9000 ED. This produce is available for $2199.95 on Nikon’s website. Because of the lower demand, it is usually not discounted at sites like Buy.com or amazon.com usually do not carry it. This product offers a 4,000 dpi optical resolution, a 10,000-pixel, three-line monochrome linear CCD image sensor and 16-bit per color A/D input. While this produce offers an extremely high quality scan, it is unlikely that the at-home user needs all of the features offered by the COOLSCAN or similar products.

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