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Hotels Pismo Beach - The Many Hotels of Pismo Beach

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As part of a thriving tourism industry, Pismo Beach hotels are ranked 89th in the United States for hotel density and #47 for fire safety. These rankings (cited from City-Data.com) demonstrate the specialized efficiency of this destination for housing and entertaining tourists. Pismo Beach hotels also enjoy higher-than-average consumer reviews. Finding the right one is a pleasant task, as there are many competitive options available.

On the west end of Highway 1, the Spyglass Inn is a large, multi-purpose hotel featuring catered conference rooms, wide-open beach front, and a full array of amenities. The hotel takes pets well and stays clean despite that added maintenance. Two nearby resorts create a lot of traffic, however, and during peak seasons the nearby coastline can get rather crowded. Costs start at $149 for a traditional king-sized bed.

Further down the road, the tiny Palomar Inn provides a quaint and inexpensive beach front option starting at $56. Pet-friendly and out-of-the-way, it is less crowded than other areas and is ideal for hat-hanging and rinsing off. One quirk of the inn is the state of the nearby coast: with adjacent tide pools rather than beach, Palomar’s coastline provides a good view but is less popular among the tourist crowd.

Also on Shell Beach is the highly valued Shell Beach Inn. Slightly more expensive than the Palomar at $69, it reaches a balance of cost and amenities that earns it rave reviews in all categories. The hotel leads directly into the beach, and a helpful staff is eager to assist travelers with whatever comes up within or without the hotel.

The east of Shell Beach sits the tourist community of San Luis and the largest cluster of Pismo beach hotels, too numerous to fully outline in the scope of this article. However, there are some larger categories in which many of the hotels can fit:

Certain Pismo Beach hotels are located far from the main highway, sitting as close to the sea as possible. Some like Cottage Inn By the Sea sit near beachless coast, offering more privacy, while others like the aptly named Edgewater or Sandcastle make the beach their number one selling points. Prices stay near the $100 or more range in these offerings, as the beach is the main drawing point for so many tourists.

Prices plummet away from the coast with small budget lodgings like Ocean Breeze Inn Sea Garden Motel, and Ocean Palms Motel. For those with business in the city proper, budget travelers, or those with less enthusiasm for the beach itself, these non-coastal budget options can result in rooms of the $50-$90 range.

Scattered throughout San Luis are a few luxury options like Pismo Beach Luxury Suites where rooms start at $200 for a small suite in winter to $550 a night in their penthouse. These luxury options provide amenities and cleanliness far beyond the business standard of other Pismo Beach Hotels, offering an upscale environment amid their mid-range and far more casual neighbors.

Spyglass Inn
2705 Spyglass Drive
(805) 773-4855

Palomar Inn
1601 Shell Beach Road
(805) 773-4204‎

Shell Beach Inn
653 Shell Beach Road
(805) 773-4373‎

Cottage Inn By the Sea
2351 Price Street
(805) 773-4617‎

280 Wadsworth Avenue
(805) 773-4811

100 Stimson Avenue
(805) 773-2422‎

Ocean Breeze Inn
250 Main Street
(805) 773-2070‎

Sea Garden Motel
340 Stimson Avenue
(805) 773-2216

Ocean Palms Motel
390 Ocean View Avenue
(805) 773-4669‎

Pismo Beach Luxury Suites
371 Pismo Street
(805) 773-1234

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