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Womens Winter Jackets - Store Guide for Women's Winter Jackets - Adventure Girl, Northeastern Snowbunny, Tomboy, Board Babe, Queen of the Ice

you’re warm afraid columbia

Looking for a new women’s winter jacket? Before you hit the mall, check out this list of online stores selling winter jackets, and what each one means about your personality!

Adventure Girl


Getting a Columbia jacket means you’re hardcore committed to being an outdoors girl, no matter what the weather throws at you. Their line of jackets offers science-tested, highly developed technology that is engineered for strenuous outdoor activity. If you’re into winter hiking, cross-country skiing, or other winter outdoor sports, this is definitely the way to go. Wearing a Columbia coat tells the world, in essence, “I am so hardcore.” You fear no cold, you laugh at snow, and you eat ice for breakfast.

Northeastern Snowbunny

The North Face

North Face has plenty of fuzzy, form-fitting options to keep you warm all winter without sacrificing your style. They have plenty of choices for light Winter wear that looks both stylish and huggable, and even their hardcore down-lined “Tempest” coats have a distinct fuzzy flare. With so many colors and cuts, you could make an entire Winter wardrobe out of North Face stuff and never wear the same one twice!



A good Cabela’s jacket says that you’re not afraid to go out and hang with the boys. Whether it’s a Winter camping trip, ice fishing, or snowmobiling, you’re right there with the rest of the pack, not about to be outdone! Cabela’s jackets are made to do the job right, keeping you warm and comfortable while providing durable construction to stand up to rigorous use. They tell the world that you can handle yourself just fine in any weather. And you’re not afraid to put your money where your mouth is!

Board Babe


You can spot a Burton Board Chick from fifty feet away thanks to the distinctive patterns and colorful designs of their snowboarding jackets. Board babes are free and easygoing but serious about staying warm on the slopes. Burton addresses both of these sides with their unique look and custom designs that cater specifically to a boarder’s needs. They are constructed to be warm yet breathable for when you work up a sweat, and many are adjustable, with removable linings, hoods, and jacket vents. Many of their jackets have lifetime warranties, so you know they stand behind their product.

Queen of the Ice


Nordstrom’s winter jackets tell the world that you are not afraid of looking good while staying warm. With the latest designer clothes and hundreds of accessories to choose from, Nordstrom’s can keep you looking like a fine fashion queen no matter what the season. Winter doesn’t have to be drab any more!

That’s it for this personality guide to women’s winter jackets. Whatever your personality, don’t be afraid to let it shine through, even in the coldest weather.

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