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American Standard Plumbing - Choosing American Standard Plumbing Fixtures - The Origin of American Standard Plumbing Fixtures

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American Standard plumbing fixtures have been touted for years as the most reliable, durable, and aesthetic in North America. The company holds the number one spot in the United States for sales of toilets and the number two spot for bathroom fixtures overall. Anyone remodeling a bathroom, kitchen would do well to take a look at the products offered by this old and trusted name in sinks, faucets, showers, and plumbing fixtures. American Standard additionally markets products under the brand names of Jado and Porcher.

The Origin of American Standard Plumbing Fixtures

American Standard was born in 1892 when several independent plumbers and manufacturers of plumbing fixtures merged with the Pierce Steam Heating Company owned by John B. Pierce. The resulting company was called Standard Sanitary Manufacturing. Another merger in 1929 with the American Radiator Company assured the company’s financial success. The plumbing division sold their products under the Standard brand until 1967 when the company officially became known as the American Standard Corporation.

Although American Standard has been secure in its position as a leader in North American plumbing fixtures for all of the entire 20th century, another series of mergers in 1999 and 2008 with Armitage Shanks and Ceramica Dolomite in Europe and with Crane Plumbing and Eljer in North America expanded the company even further.

Advantages of American Standard Plumbing Fixtures

American Standard plumbing fixtures have key qualities that have made them so successful through their 130-year history. These qualities are spread through a long range of products, giving their customers an exceptional amount of choices for every type of fixture and décor.


American Standard plumbing fixtures have been designed by the top engineers in the industry. The highest performing line of fixtures is their toilets. Out of all brands of toilets, American Standard toilets are the best at resisting both overflows and clogged lines. This is not only taken at the company’s word, but has been verified by several third-party testing labs using the standardized testing method known as Maximum Performance (MaP). Two lines of American Standard toilets reach the highest possible score of 1,000: Champion 4 and Cadet 3.


The high-efficiency line of American Standard plumbing products work with maximum force while using less water than standard toilets. These products help builders and homeowners to earn legitimate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. At the same type, quality of the products is never affected. Two of the American Standard plumbing fixtures, the H2Option Dual Flush and the Cadet 3 FlowWise series have received the WaterSense seal from the Environmental Protection Agency.


Several of the American Standard product lines come standard with the EverClean surfacing material. This material is applied in a double coat and consists of a silver-base that inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria and mold. EverClean is also aesthetically pleasing, having a mirror-like appearance that needs to be cleaned half as less as fixtures without it. EverClean surfacing is also durable and guaranteed to last the lifetime of the unit. Lines that come standard with EverClean surfacing are FloWise, Cadet 3, and Champion 4.

The American Standard Plumbing Guarantee

American Standard plumbing fixtures have some of the best guarantees in the industry. The minimum warranty available is 1 year, while many products feature a 5-year or 10-year warranty. The warranty covers all parts equally, including toilet tanks, bowls, and finish.

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