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Holmes Window Fan - Purchasing a Holmes Window Fan - About the Holmes Brand, Holmes Window Fan Models

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Holmes Brand fans are some of the most widely available fans in the United States. Consumers have been choosing Holmes window fans and portable fans to keep air circulating in their homes and garages for close to 30 years. Besides their best-selling window fans, Holmes also manufactures a range of home climate appliances that includes air purifiers, heaters, and humidifiers.

About the Holmes Brand

Holmes was founded in 1982 and in no time found themselves among the top companies manufacturing portable home climate and comfort appliances. Holmes reached their current level of popularity by providing quality products and low prices. The company has been a leader in innovative safety features such as tip-over protection and auto shut-off detection, and Cool Touch plastics. The company’s products reach the highest levels of quality by meeting the Six Sigma testing standard that gives them the ability to manufacture and design products near to perfection. Using this standard has yielded the company to produce products in which only 3.4 per million show defects. These are among the many innovations developed by the company, many of which are incorporated into the Holmes window fan lines:

• 1Touch – This is a digital thermometer with single button control that is used to toggle between either temperature or humidity settings. Settings include temperature presets, auto Hi, and auto Low. The 1Touch button also acts as an on/off switch by holding for two seconds.
• AccuSet – AccuSet humidistats are easy to read and program. Appliances with AccuSet perform to maintain the programmed level.
• AccuTemp – These digital thermostats give users the ultimate in comfort control. AccuTemp controls have an easy-to-read display to choose specific temperature settings.
• FilterCheck – FilterCheck technology is used on Holmes humidifiers to monitor when it is time to change the filter. It is not available on any Holmes window fan.

Holmes Window Fan Models

Several models of Holmes window fans are available for sale. They all feature dual-fan design that allows cool air to be drawn in while hot or stale air is pulled out. They fit snugly in most vertically opening windows.

7" Twin Holmes Window Fan (HAWF2021)

This model of Holmes window fan fits in both double-hung windows and sliding windows, fitting into different sizes with an adjustable extender panel and extender screen. It operates very quietly, making it the perfect model for bedrooms and living rooms. Features include the following:

• Twin blades
• Two speed settings
• Reversible
• 1-year warranty
• List price: $27.99

9” Twin Holmes Window Fan with Manual Thermostat (HAWF2041)

The 9” twin fans on this model keep air circulating to a user-defined comfort level that is set with the manual thermostat. The fan cycles itself on and off to maintain the set level. Here are the features:

• Twin Blades
• Support for multiple window types
• Slim design that works in conjunction with window screens
• Motors are independently controlled for forward or reverse
• Three settings for speed
• Extender screen and extender panel
• 3-year warranty
• List price: $40.99

Holmes Window Fan with Accutemp Plus (HAWF3095-U)

This is the ultimate Holmes window fan. With the digital thermostat and digital display, comfort and temperature can be precisely maintained. This fan is unbelievably quiet for its size and power. It can be used in any room of the house. Here are the features of the HAWF3095-U:

• Digital display
• Dual blades with independent electronic reversal
• 3-speed operation
• Programmable timer
• Extender screen and extender panel
• 5-year warranty
• List Price: $54.99

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